Europe with 2-points of view in Mogilev

At forty pictures — European historical and cultural values, made the list of World Heritage sites. Photo exhibition — part of the eponymous cultural and educational project of the European Commission.
On the purpose of the photo exhibition told "Freedom" project manager Olga Rachinskii:
"The exhibition is conceived in order to show how Europeans behold the Europe and how to behold the Belarusians. Photoworks assure that significant differences in the vision of Europe and Europeans Belarusians not. We all live in bolshennom world and perception of the world around us monotonous" .
Half the exposure, 20 photos, presented the state commission for UNESCO Lithuania. For the first time these works have been exhibited in Vilnius at the thirtieth session of the Committee in the affairs of the world heritage. Their creators — European fotomastera.
The second half of the exhibition are photos Belarusian photomasters — experts and amateurs. These works were selected for exhibition in October through a special competition.
Photos are accompanied by explanatory inscriptions in Belarusian, British and Russian languages.
Acquainted with the photo exhibition will Mogilev until February 23 in the cinema "reddish star." Later she was going to show in Vitebsk. Previously it showed in Minsk and Gomel. Tags: gravesite, Europe, photo exhibition, opening

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