F.Vyachorka: Half flags and leaflets to mass actions selects police

Public Editor this week — Franak Vyachorka. The morning after the 90th anniversary of the BNR it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. In 2005 graduated from the underground National Humanities Lyceum Kolas. From 2005 to 2008 he studied at the Faculty of Journalism, from the third year is February 18 2008 after a 15-day arrest for "neprelichnuyu abuse" was expelled. In the midst of numerous public commitments Franak Vyachorka — Information for mass opposition actions.
Ulitenok: "How many people are willing to rally on March 25?"
Vecherko: "About 20, not to be mistaken subjects — political parties, public associations … That thousands of people. But intensively — at least 7-10 persons. "
Ulitenok: "And how long does this work?"
Vecherko "began in December 2007. A month or two, a concept art design: line produced pashtovachak, leaflets, newspapers to stocks that are in Minsk, the regions … "
Ulitenok: "How often and how much of the product is confiscated?"
Vecherko "Very many: Up to 50 percent falls into the hands of militia. "
Ulitenok: "Either you share the idea that many positions opposition lacks creative products: she so to speak, oak-lozungOvy "?
Vecherko: "I totally agree. We lack not only a political technology, and policy designers.
To somehow improve the situation, engage to work on different stocks internetnikav brightest. The most conspicuous among them — LJ user free lift or Zagorski … "
Ulitenok: "In the web read Novosibirsk opposition slogans on one of the campaign rallies:" Putin is better to Hitler! "" Putin — our everything! Bored … "How do you think this kind of slogans likely Belarusian criteria?"
Vecherko: "Naturally. The more sudden the motto, the stronger its effect."
Ulitenok: "Tell me, Franak like for you so here’s an idea: the effectiveness of informational support mass action can be considered attendance at her?"
Vecherko: "I am not satisfied with the outcome of any shares, nor on their turnout. But I am against the assessment of properties to mobilize people only participants. If we talk about the campaign business, which indeed was the case with a thousand people, with nothing comparable is not the place and the echo of this action in the media, the web, in the discussions of everyday ordinary. Same thing with the European march.
Because the goal is not necessary to install the shares oak — say, we wish to collect 20 thousand people, and so that for example, the European march reached the growth of people’s commitment to join the EU by 10 percent. Here it has a specific purpose.
An end in itself — not an action, and the echo and the impact of this action on the public consciousness. "

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