Flooding in Belarus ceases to be unsafe

In operational weather report says that "Spring flood in This year will not have an unsafe level. "What are the pros and cons malasnezhnyh winters for Belarus?
The water level in the rivers of Belarus look 137 gauges. One of them — a distance of over 350 km from Minsk — on the Pripyat River in Stolin. Times a day on duty here inhabitant village Small Krygovichy watching Peter Lysyuk. Here’s what he just said, "Freedom":
"River’s own shores. On usvoyu failed. Floods and will not, as I see it, is not expected. Polissya have long not seen such floods as before. At the moment it does not flood, but just a small razliv river."
Head of Department Gidrametearalyagichnyh hydrometeorological forecasts Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Marina Nagibina said that this year’s flood will begin a month before the ordinary. According to her, the highest water level expected the middle of March.
Usually manifested in Polessie own cool character three rivers — Pripyat, Horyn and Yaselda. Specifically, they were stoked Luninetsk, Pinsky and Stolin districts in Brest, and also Zhitkovichskij Lelchitsy in Gomel.
Over 50 years in Belarus came 12 large floods. Most insecure of them occurred in 1979 and 1999. Water levels in rivers then vznimavsya 6 meters higher. Water then flooded the streets, well, home. Quarter of a century back the Stolin district swam in the water almost 13 settlements. In particular, suffered David-Gorodok.
And what is the situation there now? Says the chief of the regional meteorological station in Pinsk weather observation Olga Ivantsova:
"On Polessye flooding has passed. Usvoyu Water appeared on only Styr, barely the river Horyn. But on Gomel little differently. There’s more difficult situation."
Next Olga Ivantsova says about the negative consequences for the absence of flood Polessye:
"We had a dry autumn and winter with little or no precipitation. Four months water was below normal. And at the moment — dry. And here begins in May almost hot. Naturally, this is very bad."
By preparing for floods, the rescue of the Gomel region. Dangers were overflowing meltwater from adjacent regions of Ukraine. But that’s what reports Colonel Gomel Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Ruslan Gorbylev:
"Snow in our region do not actually have. And there is an agreement with Ukraine. Rivne and Kyiv region make graphics bypass floodwater. We left the meeting Emergency Commission. All services reported on their own willingness to act. But so far no emergencies are not expected. "
Director of the Department for the Ministry of Nature Gidrametearalegii Maria Germenchuk does not exclude that flooding this year in Belarus still held. Ms. Germenchuk clarified that the prerequisite can not be melted snow and weather phenomena caused by global climate change — namely, strong rains.
The Institute of problems of natural resources and ecology of Belarus Academy prepared the study as biased configuration of climate on human health. Managing the Institute Academician Vladimir Loginov states:
"As it turns out, often with high humidity thaw happen already for almost the last 15 years. Fact it leads to people often began to get cold and get sick. "

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