George Bush gave a tribute to Ira Kazulina

Statement was yesterday in a white house during celebrations at the Women’s History Month — State Historical ladies month. (From March 1987 recognized in the U.S. ladies month in connection with the contribution of international ladies in progress).
Bush thanked those ladies in free countries who are not afraid "to challenge their power," and the last effort to support the freedom of people.
South American favorite as an example referred seriously ill Cuban dissident Marta cable and recently died from cancer spouse Belarusian political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin — Il.
"Americans are encouraged by the example of these ladies," — said George Bush.
U.S. President criticized Belarusian authorities for the fact that they are not prematurely released Alexander Kozulin, so he could spend the last days together with their own deadly unhealthy wife. This attitude, according to George W. Bush is a "manifestation of the atrocities."
"U.S. calls and at the moment immediately release Alexander Kozulin, as well as all other political prisoners in Belarus," — said the president of the United States.

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