Gomel: Dmitry Zhaleznichenka who withdraw from the army?

No representative of the recruiting office in the city came to a tribunal.

Photo sibling in the room of his mother Alla Zhaleznichenka
Referee Yuri Zhorov confirmed that its decision to stop implementation of the decision of the Gomel City draft board. Resolution oriented urban recruitment. Military commanders should release from the army Dmitry home for the time trial.
Mom says Dmitry Alla Zhaleznichenka:

He was not given the ability to defend themselves, means I have to do it …

"Man drove almost to the corner. Did not give a truly recover the institute. Would prefer again expelled. A day or two later drafted into the army, the ailing, without sufficient grounds. He was not given the ability to defend themselves, means accounts it mattersbe me. "
But the referee gave them Zhaleznichentsy adopted a resolution for the suspension of military service its offspring.
Ms. Zhaleznichenka immediately contacted by phone with the commander of the military unit 83469 in Zhlobin where is the offspring. But Colonel Voyshal said that he could not let go of Dmitry home based on the judge’s decision. It is necessary that the draft board overturned the decision about the direction of Dmitry Zhaleznichenka for military service.
But the commission is disbanded, the call ended. And it turns out that a court order to do some.

"Today, the military commissariat conscript Zhaleznichenka any business no longer has"

Says chairman of the legal committee of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Harry Pahanyajla:

Issue has been resolved: Dmitry is yet to be home …

"According to the decision of the judge of the command should Zhaleznichenka release from military service, and it is up to the court’s decision can not be the subject of some debate. All Question resolved: Dmitry is yet to be home. I think there may be admitted what- then error referee sending this ruling is not a military unit, where he served Dmitry, and the military commissariat, which decided. Now conscript military commissariat Zhaleznichenka no case has not already. He’s a fighter, it is subject only orders by the military unit and the top commanders . A Military Commissariat their work done. "
Essentially the case on the legality of conscription Dmitry Zhaleznichenka will be decided in the midst of February.
Meanwhile On February 9, the military unit 83469, which serves Dmitry recruits have to take the oath.
Radio Liberty contacted the commander of the railway troops Zhlobin Lieutenant Colonel Valery Voyshalem Asked how the court’s decision will be made for exemption from military service Dmitri Zhaleznichenka, he replied:
Voyshal: "No comment! There Ministry of Defence. Please call back."
Numerous samples get world control the press service of the Defense Ministry Vyacheslav Ramenchyk of success had not. Silent not only business telephone colonel, and personal mobile.

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