How to comment on the release Zdzvizhkou?

"Certainly, punish conclusion — this execution"

The creator of the Christian Democratic Party Paul Seviarynets Pronunciation:
"Liberation Zdzvizhkou — is another fact in the chain of political liberation. How illegal detention were so unusual from a legal point of view look release. But it all fits into the logic of negotiations with Europe. March 2, until the election of Medvedev regime must establish good relationship with Europe, that was something to blackmail Russia.
Because political prisoners are currently the bargaining chip in such immoral and here’s a great game. In any country in Europe do not put people in jail for this cartoon. I leave out of the equation there seems to be moral assessment episode. Maybe could would somehow behave differently editor. But, of course, punish its conclusion — is execution. These charges are illegal as well as all the political convictions of the regime. "
"The regime is making concessions where it can yield, not losing its position"
Last editor of "Consent" Lord Alexei Pronunciation:
"Even in Muslim countries, it seems to me, the biggest period was two months, and here people served three months …
This is a great privilege and satisfaction, another human destiny is not broken. Why this happened? This effect first Western states that require you to perform a 12-criterion and the first condition — the release of political prisoners.
Sdvizhkou fourth release in this chain. Must be followed by Alexander Kozulin. A release themselves as a symbol, as a signal of the democratic opposition to unite their efforts and intensify their activities.
It’s just response to pressure external events. Amplified to the same solution for the translation into Russian market business of payments for gas and oil. Country, the regime needed investment and it goes to the concessions where it can yield, not losing their positions. "
"The Supreme Tribunal becomes just so all-powerful"
Vice-President of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski referred Alyaksandr Zdzvizhkou good news. Regarding the configuration of the punishment he said:
"Decisions pretty weird. We litsezreem that our Supreme Tribunal becomes just so all-powerful. It can solve the problem of all, to release at least some people in at least some situations. And the fact that he changed the term, it is on the one hand perfectly. But they do not recognize their own mistakes — this course. And we need to keep this in mind. Itself for itself this sentence has nothing to do with human rights, the role of media in the knowledge society, which should be in the usual authorities — that’s this we still do not like.
I remember about Alexander Kozulin, about 3 new cases, which were instituted after the rally on October 16 last year against the young people who Tipo damaged police car. I remember about Andrew Kim, who sits in prison. We must put an end completely and finish here these shameful criminal proceedings against political opponents. "
January 18, 2008 Minsk City Zdzvizhkou tribunal sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, to be served in a maximum security prison for reprinting the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Tribunal found guilty journalist of "inciting racial, national, and religious hatred." In February 2006, the KGB opened a criminal investigation into the publication of the cartoons on the audit conducted by the prosecutor’s office and the KGB. In March 2006, the Supreme Court of the newspaper "Zgoda" was closed.

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