Inductee Vyachorka! Fall into line!

Doctors regional military hospital reduced the degree of disease and such makarom, Franco admitted applicable for the service. Franak Vyachorka said he will appeal to independent medekspertav.
Franak Vyachorka discharged from the regional military hospital with a statement that he was unfit for military service.
Recall: the district military commission after inspection Vyachorka Frank gave him a certificate, according to which he has ploskastupnevasts third degree scoliosis and second degree. Under the legislation, such diseases can not serve in the army. September 26 regional commission has not confirmed the findings of the district and sent to the Republican activist apazytsyyanaga military hospital where Franak was October 8.
Military doctors made another conclusion.
"I" correct "diagnosis in the national hospital. Reduced by one notch ploskastupnevasts scoliosis. Well, and made it applicable to the army," — says Franak Vyachorka.
Franak Vyachorka told what was in the best criteria than other patients clinic.
"At first, their attitude was pretty terrible. Said that the output is not released. The next day appeals to me the chief of all military hospital, holding a stack of printouts from websites" Radio Liberty "," Nasha Niva "," Charter ‘ , 97 ", and says:" Exactly what is it? I call from the ministry that we are keeping you here in Spartan criteria and all that. "
I immediately made a lovely backdrop. In a large ward we were only two people, while other wards were filled with one hundred percent. Nurses, cleaners were so artificially courteous, felt that this false.
Naturally, I drove own blog in the "Learn". Now comes the chief of the morning with a printout of my blog and reads: "Exactly what is it, why do not you write as well for you here?"
Franak Vyachorka said he was not afraid of military service, but will seek justice.
"I’m not afraid of military service, and if I was fairly considered suitable, I would have gone to serve. And I would not be shameful, and I would

I Zagitov not only own platoon, and a military unit for the BPF program from …

knew that doing your own noble duty to their country. I think that the authorities it would go only to the detriment of, as I am sure that not only Zagitov own platoon, and a military unit for the program from the BNF.
But here a question of principle. I seek justice in the diagnoses and approaches. Unfortunately, now it’s all solved at the level of the Ministry of Defense. "
Winter Army call will begin in January. If Franak Vyachorka not bring help to assure that he is unfit for the army in peacetime, it may be forced to take part in the military in February.
Franak Vyachorka — not only from the opposition, who are military doctors republican hospital canceled exemption from the army. Lepel is past chairman of the BPF Youth Ales Kalita. In the army forcibly taken to serve Vitaly Karatysh of Luninets, Dmitry Zhaleznichenka from Gomel Dmitry Belyaev from Smorgon, Yuri Deshuka from Minsk and Sergei Chaika from Lida.
A few young activists are initiated by the Ministry of Defence in the lists of restricted to travel abroad. According to the military, they have those or other indebtedness to the military. But criminal charges for evading military service against them have not been initiated.

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