It is necessary that the government has listened to the voice of ordinary people

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Let’s start with a phone call to the listener recently imposed restrictions of access to education.
Victor: "About studying in the field of nomenclature. It was already in Russian times when it was necessary characteristic specialty-recommendation. Do it, so do not prohibit children from families of officials to get knowledge and qualify for nomenclatural ranks. Although people rule us without special education. For example, the director of the farm — a teacher, a builder — a banker, a geographer — chief engineer, etc.. Government wonders where education means nothing. Thank you. "
Tiny update for sovereign Victor: To enter the specialty "journalism", "law", "international affairs", applicants must undergo professional psychological conversation and not get a recommendation. Listener responds to a question academician, former president of the Academy Alexander Wojtowicz:
"I do not understand why have entered this conversation. I believe that it is necessary, particularly in specialties such as journalism. Man himself later, as will work to find everything. Educated man, of course, adapted to today’s more to life than uneducated. "
Reporter: "This is bad people do not work in the specialty? "
"Nothing disgusting I do not see this. If people professional, capable, he trained. I do not think that our education does not mean anything. Plenty means and very much needed. And because such a large demand for education."
Ms. Sophia worried about the fate of so-called "Allied countries":
Ms. Sophia "Pochetaemaya "Freedom," on February 29 in the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" material was placed in what was said that he was ready constitutional act "union state" and after the presidential elections and the inauguration of a referendum in Russia and Belarus. Please reply to the party favorites — sovereign Lebedko Borshevsky, Vyachorka, Shushkevich. Milinkevich — that make us ill-fated people of Belarus? Waiting for an answer. "
Miteshkovoy chairman meets BPF Lavon Barshcheuski:
"In 1-x, this act has long been ready. Question is solely when new leaders determined as they need it and when it is necessary. ‘Cause I did not advance to wreak havoc. Already many times this was an attempt to discuss the Constitutional Act. would expect developments and will respond appropriately to these actions. "
Several calls devoted to the continuous rise in prices, a decrease in the standard of living of Belarusians:
"Market socialism, which crack and popped disk imaging tools, split. Cabbage in the market costs 1800 rubles, twice as much bread. Such for any satsyyalizme even Brezhnev, was not. Thank you for your attention. "
Larissa, Minsk "Listen to "Freedom" is already 25 years old. And over the past two years and only hear: "planted". Initially, the opposition and the students were, and at the moment small entrepreneurs. In the world of them are positive. Come on "Rakowski’s Fair": quiet, no one buys, as there is no price competition and grow with each funny day. We, pensioners, was definitely worse, and it is necessary that the government has listened to the voice of ordinary people. Sit down at one table and made it so that all was fine, just a little. "
The question of Mrs. Larisa meets one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Victor Kryval:
"It is great that people who, for 25 years heed Radio Liberty, though it was unclear how the authorities say to their citizens. If we talk about the economic side of the difficulties about monopoly and lack of competition, cost — all of course. What can say about the ability to negotiate with the authorities? Such meetings had a lot of, and they had a conversation, so to speak, deaf and dumb. Unfortunately, segodnyaschy power does not listen to the voice of reason. "

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