Law enforcement authorities to take punitive mechanism people

Because of their own principles, the unwillingness to concede "requests" phone "orders" and unreasonable orders superiors career evolved captain Lyavinau hard. And after he decided contrary to management to participate in the parliamentary elections was generally dismissed.
Another public editor Andrew Levinov week ordered journalists to prepare the transfer of Liberty on "Private and Belarusian Temida — why not consent?"
In most cases, people’s understanding of the judicial system is based on the experiences with the police. Not the case in the Ministry of Interior was elected at the moment the main factor in the evaluation of the properties is not the level of detection of crimes (which leaves expect at best — not disclosed shtodrugoe crime), and public opinion: if the confidence of the people least 25 percent refers unsatisfactory rating. So here in the Vitebsk region, where he served as Levin to figure in the region of 20 percent. Roughly the same throughout Belarus. We talk with former militia investments:
— Andrew segodnyaschy Belarusian police — folk or "vertical", imperative?
— Naturally, the "vertical". Not for nothing did they say and write: Department of the Interior’s Executive Committee itself. Plus second submission — ministry.
People currently fear, respect Belarusian police or simply prefer not to have her affairs?
— Unfortunately, more often not respected. More — fear. Belarusian police perceived only as a punitive body.
So what kind of things the police and the public? What is the difference? They are willing to cooperate together? Reports from Mogilev.
"People are angry, and the police are also people"
In the Department of Internal Affairs of Mogilev, said that public confidence in the police steadily grows. Determining its level — one of the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of law enforcement. The press service noted that in the case of deterioration of the situation with confidence immediately taken disciplinary action:
"Where less than 25 percent — is considered a crisis. Begin to understand already. What is it, exactly what measures were taken by the police to prevent crime? Often it contacts strolls, speak out so people in? Or simply unsubscribe some doing. We look for bad times order to solve them later. "
How much percent of the population belongs to the excellent police, I have not said. But passers-by on the street is not very willing to talk about the men in uniform. They turned for help to them, for example, if they show in a very weighty situations related crime. With regard to cooperation with the police, and here they say about the exceptional cases. Ask why:
Man: "The police are, it seems to me, those people who do not deserve it. At other times you can not take those people who come to the police, but somehow they are arranged. According blat something."
Man: "Maybe they were so many. Maybe they are not as suitable for tremulously own profession. People are angry, and the police are also people. Just go there, so can not work."
Man: "I, for example, so do not come across, thank God, with the police. But as my partner says, have the police, and there are — cops. He had a problem, and he beheld how the police when they knock readings at any cost . "
Lawyer-independent union electronic industry Alexander Queens also conducted its study of public opinion with respect to confidence in the police. Interviewed several 10’s of people. And his conclusions:
"Most of the respondents, estimated around seventy percent responded that we have very many police. From this crime is unbroken. In order to reduce the need not to increase their numbers and increase their skills. And we need to seek from them, so that they working according to the law. "
Special non-governmental organizations in the development of Igor Shary Notes: The police are determined with a population now that society has simply become unfashionable to be law-abiding citizen. First, explains his vision of the emperor Shary, people made sure — the law is not for everyone:
"Usually, ordinary people who have no effect in law enforcement, do not have the same ability normally controlled by laws and, accordingly, to protect their rights. At the police looking like a panacea, but when confronted with crime. And people usually do not look to the law enforcement authorities as for those who need help in a comfortable life and promote a comfortable life. "
Chairman of the Mogilev NGO "Ladies and support center samadukatsyi" Valentine Gvazdeva also shared his thoughts on the relationship with the police population. Her organization is implementing the project for three years to prevent disease HIV AIDS, and he asks closely interact with the police. The main group of the project are motivated ladies sex:
"They occasionally provoke law enforcement officers. This is the group of people who do adshturhnutaya society. Representatives of law enforcement as a layer of society. Our motivated group had gotten used to the fact that it must constantly defend. We are not able to talk together. And this need to learn. way both sides. "
Commented Andrew Levinov:
"Prior to this police officer forgets what he such a citizen, as well as all others. Unprincipled And that while on duty he has shoulder straps, gave the oath … But it is actually a lifetime forgets about it and looks at ordinary people with certain height, which in principle should not be.
He must always keep in mind (though middle of the night to wake him) hired him to work not bureaucrats and not even the government — did ordinary working man, which he must defend.
But as police officers do not have such awareness — they believe that the government hired them to defend the government as they relate to people, respectively. Well, people are paying them the same. "

"The courts and prosecutors Everything is depending on his greatness plan, human destiny, nobody cares"
It is appropriate to cite such a fact. Global popular South American Sociological Service Gallup organization conducted a survey according to which it turned out that only one third believes that he lost his wallet with documents and vehicles and the police found him, then — returned the owner. For comparison: in Finland, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, 90 per cent of New Zealand respondents in such a hypothetical situation, expressed confidence in their police. The researchers emphasize that these numbers indicate the actual virtually people’s attitude to important legal institutions.
Among them — the courts and with the prosecutors. But even Alexander Lukashenko at the last Congress allocated arbitrators: the number of people convicted unfairly from year to year is not reduced. Here is a fact: in the past year every fourth appeal addressed to the control of the courts of the country concerned, justice institutions.
Learn more about how are relations between population and the courts, the prosecutor’s office, there is a trust between them, mutual understanding — in the material of Grodno.
Last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky no illusions, he says that all influence the situation in advance of these institutions:
"The courts have not" nezavisimyya "and prosecutors too. Everything is depending on his greatness plan, human destiny, nobody cares, interests statistical reporting. This basic."
Valery Levonevsky recalls fascinating example:
"As for the courts, it was a few years ago the head of the country’s popular expression that courts occasionally acquitted or solutions were, say, myagenkie. He said that one municipal authority — a consequence of t
rying, means extra expense, reveals offenders, and courts acquitted. Did you not from the 1st of the country? "
Hence subsequent practice notes Levaneusky:
"If something makes a consequence, the Tribunal and it legitimizes, in another case, a judge may be very prepyadstviya. Should not forget that the arbitrator, he — appointed by the president and depends only on the vertical of power."
Valery Levonevsky, who spent two years in prison on charges of insulting the president in public, knows jurisprudence.
Levaneusky: "People who for the first time faced with the tribunal, they are sure to hope that the trial will be fair. But those who once passed through it, he is convinced that if the dispute is with the municipal authorities, it definitely will not solve favor of the citizen. No responsibility in principle for the decision arbitrator is not responsible. Tribunal, in my opinion, it is — absolute formality. "
The prosecutor’s office is also in first place reporting, said Valery Levonevsky. He decided to find his grandfather’s death scene after the war, asked the prosecutor, there uttered: the statute of limitations has passed, and refused to even take the test. Last political prisoner believes that his grandfather could kill bodies: he lived near the border with Poland, brave, could criticize the arrests and deportations. Now it is no grave, no documents that man existed at all, because Levaneusky private events involved asking his grandfather’s death.
Journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrew Poczobutt formation of a lawyer, while he endured arrests and trials. He believes that the affairs of the society to the law enforcement authorities are determined followed by:
Poczobutt: "We have a thing to punish, rather than protect. Lack of trust in law enforcement is no secret to the authorities. Soon ATC all countries should respect public opinion stiffened confidence to discover. If it is less, it seems, for 25 percent, while lose their position of head of the police department. Grodno oblast there were three such options. "
But this punishment "scapegoat", said Andrei Poczobut:
"How to gain confidence? If they have to make a certain number of protocols, the end of the month and they catch men. If law enforcement, first, an instrument of pressure on society, trust, they will not be."
That a person feels when he is being punished for what was not?
Poczobutt: "Many times I was arrested for being scolded, although it was not. Nonsense person simply feels that people with epaulets shall lie, although they say I am for you personally to have nothing, I do support you, but if I do something wrong, I was thrown into the street from work. "
The courts do not listen to your Rezonit to Rezonit your lawyer says Andrei Pochobut:
"In essence, the process should be adversarial. But the tribunal repeats what the prosecution said. Apravdachyh Number of sentences, it is small, in the Grodno region, seems to be less interest. Even in Stalin’s time, in my opinion, the figure acquittal was more than Currently in Belarus. "
Commented Andrew Levinov:
"If a soldier gets in the tribunal — even if he is summoned there as a witness, not to mention the fact, that in the role of victim, suspect, accused person immediately begins to feel guilty.
This gene, distant tribunal will our people perceive punitive structure. Such a machine, like the police.
Based on the practice of what they behold the courts in society they do not believe.
A prosecutor’s office, which should produce supervision, virtually always pagadnyaetstsa with court decisions. Disputes usually only when, in its opinion, violated any law of the country.
And few examples of strongly protecting prosecutor violated rights of ordinary people. "

"Successful lawyers — are lawyers who are quite influential communication to solve the issue"
Our public editor believes that assist in finding the very awareness could advocacy, as happens in the civilized world. And in Belarus, says Levinau situation fundamentally different. Thus, according to the Code, the investigator may designate time, call a lawyer, and a lawyer should obey him, and if not, it will have problems. Although the Law "On Advocacy", adopted in 1993, offers excellent prospects: extensive input of personal advocacy, appeared competition for places and attorney, respectively, competitiveness. Then the conversation turned to the introduction of the jury — he even voted for MPs, but Alexander Lukashenko abolished this initiative. And then he signed the decree number 12, which is virtually eliminated self-advocacy, through licensing of specialists have been working with caution.
In psychology there is a term: "Prof. deformation" — when a person svetavsprymanne changes in the context of the activities of prof. Doctors, for example, can not allow yourself to be afraid of blood. Lawyers should take the difficulties Native Client is very correct. And often it meets misunderstanding her client and his family, says lawyer Paul Sapelka:
"Private relatives outlook based on what they perceive a completely different personality defendant accused. Addition, they do not quite understand the actions of the accused’s own qualifications relative. You can hear the following formulation:" Well, yes, he did this and that .. . Well, here itself too? According to the law, "is" — it’s a sin. "
Another vserasprostranennaya claim to a lawyer — a little attention to the client’s case. Knows Ekaterina from Minsk, who needed the services of a lawyer of economic reality:
"Attorney Services are not cheap — prices are set by the state, the lawyers here at anything. But I have these funds for its proper performance. In my case it was not. Ordinary I felt indifference to my dilemmas lawyer had to call a dozen times a day, so reminded to do what he had to do yesterday. "
Olga from Minsk, In contrast, cooperation with the lawyer was very pleased. In court, she opposed the 19-year-old skinhead who beat her in the park. The result — an injury, lying in the clinic. As the prosecution, Olga turned to a lawyer, as they say, "just in case":
"I was very pleased with his approach. He not only understood specifically in the legal points, and started to delve into the nuances of pazayurydychnyya conflict. A prosecutor said at the time that we — and I skinhead who knocked me, representatives of various sects" …

But personal misunderstanding between counsel and their clients — these are trifles compared with the legal profession in the place of the Belarusian law in general, the lawyer in charge of the last Sergei Lukanin:
"Our courts, judges do not consider the position of the attorney general. Successful lawyers — are lawyers who are quite influential communication to solve the issue.’s All. This is due to the fact that our courts — not independent. Turns out that in lawyer work is valued not his professionalism, knowledge, abilities, and sought only his communications. "
Commented Andrew Levinov:
"Now we have advocacy unfree., In the sense that they are free from Tipo country, but in fact it is the same part of the country again. What fundamentally incorrect — lawyer should be free from the framework that the government wants to set up everywhere.
Or such aspect.
Give a person a fine of 300 thousand. To challenge it, refers to a lawyer. In Vitebsk region-time service costs 150 thousand, and in Minsk — 300 all: and yet it is not clear who will win — then who needs a "help"?
In my opinion, you should not just special, and — critical reform and proceedings, and general law enforcement. Then the KGB, or of the police …
The sooner this happens, the more utilit
y and better for the very same country.
Indeed, although the courts on paper we are independent, but in fact that is how they are not — as was the telephone right, so it remains. Well, the police often do not act according to the law, but because they utter the "top". Well and accordingly all other pravaahovnyyaorgany.
Because faster than pass reform, the better for society. Idlya country. "

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