Lebedko Cancel golden share — a condition Kremlin

The official statement said that the rejection of this rule "will contribute to the creation of suitable criterion for verbovaniya foreign direct investment in the real economy of Belarus." Opposition politicians say the move was made under pressure from the Kremlin, and that comes step prihvatizatsii Belarus.
"Golden share" was introduced by presidential decree in 1997 "to regulate the process of privatization." Through the mechanism of the "golden share" the government could intervene in the decision-stock companies. Even some officials in recent years have stated that the presence of a "golden share" restrains the arrival of foreign investments in the Belarusian economy.
According to the economist Leonid Zlotnikov, current step of the authorities indicates that the need for foreign investment for Belarusian economy appeared at the moment is very acute.
Zlotnikau: "First, we are very frisky litsezreem process of growing external debt. In-2, dramatically lost competitiveness of Belarusian products. Belarus’ export prices increased the least, than import prices. In This year expected to increase by billions of dollars in payments RF energoelementy and stuff. About 700 million dollars, the need to return to our zabugornye creditors.
Service external debt is becoming a huge burden on the economy — need to look for new loans to recover debts. Create conditions that require external loans and external investment. "
Lyabedzka: "This is the start" grabbing "Belarus"
UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko considers that the abolition of the gold stocks — the beginning of "grabbing" of Belarus.
Lyabedzka: "For me, this is evidence that there comes a new step — a step grabbing. For a long time said that there about 120 Belarusian companies, representing a lot of enthusiasm for the business, with the first Russian. This means, Lukashenko that renounces his own former economic policy that "all around the collective, all-around and has everything belongs to the people of Belarus." A clan that Lukashenko around, coupled with the oligarchs, first from Russia, to put it a "generic silver" with a hammer.
I think it was one of the criteria during talks with Putin and his entourage — make it very easy access to accessories for Belarusian and Russian business oligarchs. "
Interestingly, even at the meeting on January 16 2004 Alexander Lukashenko spoke against repeal "golden share". Curious to hear the arguments that led the president of Belarus. "Or if we can guarantee that tomorrow whereupon privatized enterprises will not be negative moments as unpaid wages, abuse of workers? And neuzh you think that if we it will create, that investment will flow to us the river? "- Reads Lukashenko in 2004. (Quoted from the official website of the President of Belarus.)
As told in the Belarusian consulate of the International monetary fund, IMF welcomes the abolition of the institute "golden share" in Belarus.
"International monetary Fund welcomes this step. IMF than once the Belarus authorities to cancel Institute" golden share "to improve vkladyvatelnogo climate in the country," — identified in the consulate. Tags: action, gold

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