Lebedko: We’re in the same pit, and what were

Press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov stated that this document is clear, but there is no comment.
CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina disagrees with the U.S. State Department.
"This is a custom report that does not reflect the present situation in Belarus. This, in fact, whipping with Belarus, with its management for the independent policy, which may not be totally satisfied with the U.S. State Department."
On what authorities continue to ignore advice countless international organizations in improving the electoral process, Ms. Yarmoshyna said:
"Changing the electoral law — it is our internal matter."
Concerning the conclusion of the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin Lidia Yermoshina said:
"I believe that wine Kozulin confirmed the Belarusian people and the general public. No country has the right to seek the release of offenders in the country."
Chairman of the Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko stated that the report of the State Department — a mirror, and whether it will look the Belarusian authorities — is another matter. According Lebedko, very fundamentally, that this news reached possible more people. Regarding the human rights situation in the country, he said:
"We’re in the same pit in which they were. Can only hold discussions on how we cm fell below or rose above. But this pit. This is a situation that contrasts with our geographical position in the center of Europe. And people do not deserve who live here. "
Vice-President of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski said that the situation does not improve, because the attitude of the Belarusian authorities for human rights "critical negative":
"In this report, they totaled well known facts of human rights violations. Naturally, it is necessary to direct their attention and look where it must change in the best side. Belarusian authorities are not ready it mattersbe filing with the United States. But here again the position of the EU and the U.S. are very similar. I think that the Belarusian authorities, with such a document, there is much to ponder.
The very essence of the system of penalties, made the regime has changed. If there is such a system, it will always seek the victims. "
According to the activist BSDP (Gromada) Alexei King, State Department report is based on painstaking analysis and trivial facts:
"I think now it will be heard in the framework of those who have already been identified by the Belarusian authorities. They hear what concerns economic events, and want to do a minimum of concessions in the political sphere and in particular human rights. But, nevertheless, must listen to this and at least release of political prisoners. I think that such assessment and such an attitude should contribute to the release of Alexander Kozulin and Andrei Kim. "

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