Let trained for their money and get involved in politics

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Representatives of a number of public organizations are planning to hold the first nationwide dictation. Purpose — to show solidarity with the native language of the Belarusians. One of the initiators of national dictation political analyst Vladimir Podgolov said: "We will create a dictation dictator — those who every day us states that our language can not write anything worthwhile and not say, those who refuses to give official answers Belarusian, saying that the country’s two municipal language. "
Man: "Sovereign Pochetaemy Podgolov! Dream about people massively pulled in schools and libraries to write Belarusian dictation, in my opinion, so unfounded that even surprising to hear a stern talk about it. The maximum that can come of it everyday opposition "cabal" the same people who are walking and so on stocks.
Therefore, although this idea is not so bad and it can bear fruit if you put in front of him close to the reality of purpose. So then do it as an opposition campaign to mobilize opposition, that again reminded of the importance of language Russian opposition, those for whom the whiteRussian language Today is not a value, in order to unite the opposition, lead to a place where they will not argue over power, and will give a tribute to the Belarusian language. Therefore, please be close to reality, put realistic goals. And the idea is not bad. "
Vladimir Podgolov comment:
"I am such as you. I would only suggest this idea. If you do not wish to make such a demonstration, this means your relationship to language, to belarushchyny. Here everything is quite easy: either we are together it mattersit, or hide in the potatoes. If you wish to join. Here there are no generals, no Belarusian Napoleon, who run the batch. You want living language — come and write. "
In the third year of the Faculty of Journalism of BSU expelled chairman of the committee on culture BPF Franak Vyachorka. The official reason — "academic underachievement." January 21 Franak Vyachorka was sentenced to 15 days in jail. For this time he missed two exams.
Civilian activists campaign "Jeans — for freedom" Paul Kuryanovich expelled from Minsk Municipal Higher Institute of Radio Engineering, Tatiana Tsishkevich — Belarusian Municipal Institute of Physical Culture. Previously, they were sentenced to arrest for his role in street protests.
Man: "Hello, gentlemen, I hear every day about the dismissal of students: Vyachorka and others. And here I thought that those who engage in political activity — Vyachorka and others — must leave the public schools and engaged in their own account. Then they may not care about this country, if they study at their own expense. And spit on this country, and swallowing of this country. Let trained for their money and get involved in politics. "
Listener responds Franak Vyachorka:
"My colleagues and I arrived on equal criteria in municipal you says institution. We exams and maintained requirements. We won the opportunity to study free of charge and receive a scholarship. Those funds that you call municipalities — they are popular. BGEU not eat with rich hands Alexander Lukashenko or his administration. This folk remedies, which are taken from tax: your, my parents, my. Because Belarusian institutions have international and I have the right to study at the institute, which is funded by taxpayers. "
Our listener interested in:
Victor Butoh, Minsk: "I am most concerned about one question: why the citizens of Belarus do not give the ability to seek protection in the European international human rights courts?"
Answers to the question of the human rights lawyer center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich:
"Belarus — the only country in Europe which does not go to the Council of Europe. It has not ratified a number of conventions, including and the European Convention for Human Rights. Because Belarusian citizens have no right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. There have the right to only those countries that are members of the Council of Europe and took on certain responsibilities. In particular, they convey the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg of the opportunity — to consider the personal appeal of people in case of violation of their rights by the member countries of the Council of Europe. In addition, they still have to do, and these solutions. "

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