Lukashenka expressed solidarity with Kozulin

They went to Independence Avenue Church of Saints Simon and Lena, where accomplished prayers for the dead.

Before the rally on October Square gathered huge amount of employees militia men in civilian clothes. They did notice and claimed by the people to disperse. But people lined the avenue with portraits Ira Kazulina with flowers and candles. Among those who came to support the family Kazulins and express their positions were people of different ages. Many young people:
Correspondent "Today the weather is not good, there is a rain, a lot of police on the streets. But you came … "
Woman: "In 1-x, it is our mourning for the dead Ira Kazulina. And in-2, it is a violation of our disagreement with the Human Rights — Alexander Kozulin, who are not allowed to attend the funeral. "
Reporter: "You have come here voluntarily?"
Guy: "Yes. I came to express their disagreement with the fact that the political prisoner is not released to the funeral p1 person because of any political problems. "
Reporter: "You are holding a white-red-white flowers a symbol of what?"
Lady: "In a symbol of solidarity with Kozulin and mourning for his wife. We are against the fact that he was not released from jail. It’s not human. These are not people. Because we stand here against all this. "
Lady "It’s just ruthless act. Before his death we are all equal. And now you can see who is who, who is with whom, and who thinks like. "
Kazulina daughter came to the square with portraits own mother:
Julia: "we are now on hunger strike. We, like daughter, we just want as human beings prahavats his mother, his own family circle.’s All. And we are very grateful to the people who come here who support us."
Olga: "We believe that our dad deserves to bury his beloved and only wife."
On October Square came very many famous people, politicians, public figures, former political prisoners. In the midst of other — Paul Seviarynets:
"I am very impressed with the amount of people who came to support the family Kazulins. This solidarity and we are with them. As for matter of life and death, then go out and require Belarusians and truth and justice. "
When the column moved from October Square on Independence Square, it began to join new people. Many stood on the roadside. I ask the people who do not go to the column:
Reporter: "Do you know that there going on?
Lady: "Yeah, we know. Killed Ira Kozulin. I also support all these people, but they can not now be with them on your personal circumstances. "
Lady: "This family is currently very difficult and very good, that support it. "
Reporter: "What do you think about this?"
Lady: "Surely, this action on our missing children.’s Hard to think about it. I think that once someone must answer for it all."

A.Milinkevich midst protesters memory Ira Kazulina
The march ended at the Independence Square. People have become a semicircle in front of the church Reddish. But they came Autocephalous Orthodox Church priest, Father Leonid Akulovich:
"Today is a mourning that moved to another world famous figure ally Alexander Kozulin. This own early death let them help him to escape from the shackles of prison. Let the good God will help release all political prisoners in Belarus. Pray for the servant of God Ira. "
Previous Lawyer Alexander Kozulin called Igor Rynkevich throw around Reddish church portrait of Ira Kazulina to deliver near candles and put flower. He also urged those present to come tomorrow to October Square when Alexander Kozulin not be released to the funeral of his wife.

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