Maltsev: For 1 fighter on the Belarusian language does not pass

Leonid Maltsev believes that the Belarusian army "no prepyadstviya Belarusian language." Journalists raised this topic in connection with the history of a former student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka that after conscription claimed that commanders turned to him in Belarusian. Leonid Maltsev response to the requirement of Dmitry Zhaleznichenka sounded like this:
"If you want to hear from anyone on the team Belarusian language — no problems. He will receive such conditions of service. Simply, he is the only, and for him the 1st does not make sense. Would such a platoon at least — without problems. Give me a book. "
Whereupon Defense Minister showed the book entitled "90 years in the protection of the Fatherland." This edition is quite Russian Leonid Maltsev found page, which shows the "Status" of the Red Army in the Belarusian language, adopted in the 20s of the last century. According to Defense Minister of Belarus, at the moment the language difficulties in the Belarusian army does not exist.
"If you wish Zhaleznichenka could take the oath in the Belarusian language," — said the defense minister.
Recall that during the last oath student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka instead of having to read the Russian text, said: "Long live Belarus!"
In January Dmitry Zhaleznichenka expelled from the Gomel Medical Institute, he believes, for political reasons. Past student tried to challenge the dismissal in court, but the draft board did not expect parse and former student called into the army.
"We did not call it. It madeon the draft board, which is subject to the territorial authority "- dismissed claims Leonid Maltsev.
Reporters asked the Minister on a number of pressing military problems. Sovereign Maltsev believes that when placing parts of NATO’s air defense in Poland and the Czech Republic "will increase the danger of war." But "military threat Belarus does not appear, "- said the defense minister.
According to Leonid Maltsev, Belarus "is not far behind in arms" to their own needs, and not counting the modernization of weapons, is also involved in upgrading.
"In 2007 wasdelivered on 50 new samples of weapons and equipment, "- said the Minister. Later on arms appear" very best in the world ", according to Leonid Maltsev, anti-aircraft S-400 Russian production. When and how much, the minister did not elaborate.
As a result, reporters asked about the salary in the army.
Leonid Maltsev said his monthly salary with different benefit about 3.7 million Belarusian rubles:
"The Minister of Defence, Lieutenant General, different gain — only 3 million 700 thousand."
But Ensign, who is under contract, receives 650 thousand, the minister of defense.

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