May God accept Ira soul, and let it out helps Belarus

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Now Tarasava village near Minsk buried Ira Kozulin. On the death of Ira and family activities around Kazulins in the current call for "Freedom":
Volyus, Gomel: "With all of his family and relatives to express compassion and support to Olga and Yulia Kozulin. Hold on, girls! Requirement to power: liberate from bullpen Alexander Kozulin. Lukashenko, be afraid of God and the wrath of the people."
Pavel, a veteran, Minsk: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty! Mr. Alyaksandr Do you christened entire Belarusian people own a single family. Let us call you and one of the best sons of the people and to express to you in your great compassion bolshennom personal grief. Darkness vanishes, though heresy always overcomes. And tomorrow will come freedom for all: for you, free-one person, and all the people historically adjective. Freedom to Kazulin! "
Vladimir: "Let the earth will ever down this courageous lady."
Man: "In today, in this sad moment, I wish to give tribute to family Kozulin. Pochetaemy presidential candidate, Keep sparing own daughters! And may God grant all your family health, happiness and all the best. This is a day of mourning, grief. Man hides his wife. Such is the fate. But God forbid that something came out the best. "
"Hi, Liberty! Have gone Now in Reddish church to say goodbye to Ira Kazulina. Upshot of her earthly pilgrimage. Forgive us all, Ira — our Belarusian Madonna. Cherished her memory," — wrote in a letter to CMC-Lena Lyashnevskaya from Minsk. Calls on again:
Man: "Hi! I wish to ask a question, and where these jammers are jammed Radio Liberty? How came to Kozulin and correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", all at once drowned. That’s our taxes, and freedom of the press, of conscience and expression. Thank you. "
Lady: "I am for Kozulin, for his wife, for the kids. Grateful for your transmission. Very sorry that this situation. "
Pensioner, Baranovichi: "Listening to your radio very many years. Very grateful for truthful information. Condolences sovereign Kozulin and his daughters Julia and Olga. Hold on! Best for you the best! Long live Belarus! "
Lavon and Maryla, Maladziechna: "My wife and I heartily cry, left us Ira Kozulin. Boundless Mount Alexander, endless grief of her mother, her relatives, friends, daughters. May God accept Ira soul and let it out helps us all throughout Belarus. And so it is! She believer, it will help! And in the end time of darkness, we will end. "

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