Not flown to Minsk

Canadian aircraft production "CRJ-100" on the rise suddenly lost his balance and wing hooking the concrete began to tumble. As a result, the board broke into two parts and ignited. More 2-10’s passengers, including pilots, airport services were retained. Several people were hospitalized with burns. This is the first case of an accident with a passenger plane in history-independent Belarus. Disasters transport vessels Belarusian airlines with human victims happened more than once.
Seven people

As told Armenian Embassy in Minsk, with reference to national aviation authorities, as a result of the crash, owned by the company "Belavia" seven people with injuries and burns hospitalized. Belarusian citizens — three pilots and one passenger — were not injured. Delivery people in Minsk after Moscow and Kiev will take the other airlines.
An employee of the Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Anna Kuritsko said that preparations for disk imaging, on board were citizens of different states:

Upon airplane crash at the international airport "Zvartnots" Belarus will conduct its own investigation. The ad hoc committee also meant to involve representatives of the manufacturer. Now in the afternoon a group of professionals, headed by Managing Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Vadim Miller flew from Minsk to Yerevan. Its composition — aviyaspetsyyalisty, KGB and the Prosecutor General. At the scene, they illuminate why only suffered tragedy in the park "Belavia" Canadian aircraft? It clarifies Anna Kuritsko after the incident in question acquire other aircraft of this class:

As explained in the "Belavia" Canadian "CRJ-100" of concern "Bambarde" — plane regional destinations. He aims first on a small number of passengers and is used for frequent flights. Easy to operate, that virtually eliminates errors from the crew. Inside, 10 seats in business class and 40 — Budget. On flights "Belavia" aircraft, which is not amenable to rehabilitation, exactly a year — in February 2007. Last service was held in Denmark. Machine in 1999 that on aviation standards — like 2-3-year-old foreign car, if you take a used car for comparison.

In sovereign Belarus is for the first time. Not so long ago we boasted that in this regard we have everything in order. And, you see such a nasty accident happened. But it would be much worse, so people died
Intrigued by the department does not comment on the likely circumstances of the tragedy, but they say that the technical condition of the aircraft did not cause prirekany. Adverse weather can not be the deciding factor for modern aircraft. Quite situation will be clear after deciphering the "dark box". The Department of Aviation they say that it is the first severe case of passenger aircraft:
"Specifically, as for passenger traffic, then yes. In sovereign Belarus is for the first time. Not so long ago we boasted that in this regard we have everything in order. And, you see, came such a nasty accident. But it would be much worse, so people died. "
Other Disasters role Belarusian planes arrive on time Russian "Aeroflot". In 1982, over Narovlya collapsed "Yak-42". 132 passengers and crew members filed out of the sky. In February 1985, rising from the airport "Minsk-2" plane "Tu-134" with the best BSU students marked trip to Leningrad, fell near Smalyavichy — with 80 passengers and 20 pilots survived the second in December 1986 — th when landing at Berlin airport crashed such as "Tu-134". killing all passengers (mostly German students) and crew. 20 years ago, in February 1988, near the runway the plane fell Minsk Tyumen Surgut. Saved 25 people. unusual incident occurred already in the time-independent Belarus. in 1992 in Vladivostok airport collapsed plane "Tu-154" Belarusian Registry, who "shuttle traders" on board vorachivalsya from China. machine just could not stand the overload affected was not.

In Last year in March in Somalia suffered wreck two transport aircraft "IL-76" who worked in Africa under the auspices of the UN. Both were beaten vaevnikami Muslim groups. In the first case, the crew was able to perform an emergency landing, and two weeks later 11 pilots and technicians of the second plane, which took out the remains of the first killed. In 2006, six Belarusian pilots were killed in the fall of that same transport aircraft in Tanzania. In the same year, during the collapse of "An-24" as part of the international crew of the pilot died of Grodno. Tags: Armenia, Yerevan, plane tragedy

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