Now a day of solidarity

Now three years as democratic activists will hold rallies of solidarity with families Yuri Zakharenko, Iniktara Gonchar, Anatol Krasowski and Zavadsky who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and their fate is unknown to this day.
Soligorsk youth typically will hold the chain in the center of town.
Says deputy chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla:

"It will be a chain of caring that will keep the portraits of political prisoners and disappeared.
We have not wavered from that on such actions, we seek the release of political prisoners and the rehabilitation of former political prisoners and are convinced that executed in the "case of 14" should be considered political prisoners, because the restriction of freedom as one of the parts of the pressure and a form of political persecution. "
Favourite latest organization "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich told "Freedom":

"On the central square of the Belarusian capital will come 10s Belarusians can even weave in order to once again pay tribute to those people who have gone or are suffering because of their own beliefs. Some of them were obliged to go to other countries because that they are not given the ability to live in our own homeland.
We try to show all Belarusians and Worldwide, that the fate of these people care about us, about what we remember them, that we are ready to fight for them. "
Students Kalinouski in Poland in the structure of the Belarusian Embassy ignite candles and put them around portraits of the disappeared in Belarus government opponents. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Belarusian students will distribute informational materials about the situation in Belarus.

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