Opposition developed Epistle to the disappointed

Dominant messages will be an appeal to the disenchanted population.
Political scientist Vaclav Oreshko, who heads a group of professionals, reads the work began with interviews of different focus groups. Was necessary clarify that at the moment more worries people. It turned out that in the country there was quite a large group of disappointed. Vaclav Oreshko explain what it did for the people:
"They are politically undecided. These are people who have no political convictions, the harsh political leanings that were not, for sure, political supporters Lukashenko. This — very exciting group."
Vaclav Oreshko notes on her mood affect first significant rise in prices and the elimination of social guarantees:
"This is a process which is already quite a significant part of the Belarusian population feels that the current government does not suit her. She makes no promises that people have heard of it. It does not give the same stability on which people expected when taciturn supported Lukashenko. These disgruntled different. Some are only just beginning to feel that something is not around. And there are people who are more aware of the situation. "
Will a new approach to win over Democrats side of people who hitherto politically determine?
"Yet no one has torn an old principle of Friedrich Nietzsche incident — push. And if, for example, someone falls off the support of the regime, then, of course, the duty of politicians to push it, or give a little to restore power this process "- Says analyst Matskevich.
Mackiewicz Emperor sees the problem of the other — as faster to bring these ideas to the disillusioned:
"Cancel benefits affected ordinary people. But they do not hear, what they say Democrats. It does not reach them. Because I think these things happen, so to speak, in an imaginary world, which he lives part of our democratic opposition. "
Overall message — a document candidates from the democratic opposition will distribute the middle voters. It Belarusian citizens went out and brought the answers to questions that they trevozhut why canceled social security, why so rapidly grow food prices and products, why the coming neighbors live better Belarusians etc. Representatives of the democratic forces rely, that is the message to configure many Belarusians vote in an election specifically for democratic rather than pro-government candidates.

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