Our Russian oil is coming to America

"At the moment South American capitalists exhibit very great enthusiasm to Russian Union, — notices in 1928 "Belarusian village." — Our Russian oil is coming to America, and, thanks to this, the South American oil industrialists everywhere pressured the British. Because in the midst of the American capitalists are increasingly being voiced for the expansion of trade with us … Large manufacturer of Ford said that America needs to completely recognize the Soviet regime, as it has nowhere to sell their own cars. "
"Fatherland" in 1948 with a delay of several months of such declaration recalls: "Rada of the Belarusian People’s Republic of … does not recognize and will never recognize the BSSR in the form of the Belarusian-independent country, honoring her for the Russian-Belarusian Communist fiction gasudarstvennastsi, thrown by Moscow as a means of enslavement Belarusian people, his state, real, and libel and physical destruction; {does not recognize and will never recognize the future as neabavyazvayuchyya Belarusian people, all the conditions and obligations on behalf of that lawless Belarusian people Government signed the USSR, Poland and the so-called "The Government of the Byelorussian SSR" — Capital occupation administration in Belarus "}.
"Video confidently walks into our daily lives — glory in 1988" Evening Minsk. "- VCR, TV set — and here in your apartment home created a video where the whole family can be a comfortable time look of video, video store a favorite in Minsk. More than 800 names of video has currently fund video shop. Not so long ago in the Republican House of Cinematographers, the official opening of the Minsk City Club Videolyubitel. Regulation and the status of the club, the club elected board, the audit committee. "

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