Over 90 years in the Soviet Union election was not and will not be

Maria Ivanovna: "Good morning, my precious Radio Liberty!
Let the sun shine, open doors
And will Kozulin with formidable bullpen.
A izymatelstva over us, from among those that lie in the grave!
They have worked hard as those giants!
Reverence with all this servile in the country had not.
In their early heart always, forever from you loafers!
We love the motherland. That was a free edge
Kozulin, son, come quickly! "
Ivan Karpovich, Minsk: "I wish to speak on the issue of elections in Russia. During the 90 years of existence, the Union of Russian elections have never been and never will be and now. There last mission. During the year, two shall appoint the head of state and the other in including and deputies. If he is appointed, it will never go away, to serve as head of state election commission, which receives funds from the people. It seems to me a long time ago it was necessary to cancel the elections. NOT bullshit Western countries and America. Need to save money and porazdavat them to people who are paying the electoral system means. Farce nobody needs. A prick in the Russian observers syzveka Union. This bandit, criminal, deceitful government. And what we want? Same for all the post-Soviet space. "
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk "Yes never empty Orthodox Church. Do not need to worry so much. There will soon be pounding riot sticks. And the Pope will pray as communion, the baton will peel back. Prepyadstviya So everything will be solved … even talk about this dilemma I do not want. Thank you. "
Lady: "I would also like to express compassion Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin, his daughters, his granddaughter about such grief, and say, as rightly pointed out by one lady, this government is guilty. Lady so sick! And in such stress! Wine country and each of us, as we sit in silence m and believe that what we should. And the fact that he forgave it correctly. He said a Christian that forgives. If we all knew how to commiserate each other and forgive, then this would not happen in our country. Thank you. "
Man: "I wish to express their dissatisfaction lukashism. All they say that will change soon, something will happen soon. Lukashism But for some reason, the totalitarian regime holds, as well as holding out. How much will it last? Which does not set foot, — police immediately comes. Generally discourage people health for nothing. And in our lives most fundamental health, honor and freedom, too. Thank you. "
Man: "Say, that’s built apartment. Who are they? For Chinese? Lukashenko going to manage 90 years. I think it will not work, because the Chinese will manage …"
Lady: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom! " I wish to tell you, and you will realize that to us arrived in Minsk father, who yesterday held a mass on the street by such weather. People (showed on TV) was terribly much. It is excellent. And said, "The Poles have the Poles. Notwithstanding such weather, so many people together to pray" God bless him, because not forgotten our country Belarus. He came out with the cross of Jesus, revealed that the Lord Jesus went for all of us. And I wish to add. Elections in Russia unfair. That’s all we know. "
Galina, Mogilev, "Ira Kazulina could continue life only positive emotions that gripped Lukashenko in pockets. And for the person who is outraged that the government was accused of death, I wish to say. Nobody blames the government. Perish Ira Kazulina povinet person who clutched in his own pocket all the great emotions that could provide effective healing and stretch her life. Here’s the thing. And do not slander people who are in fact outraged unexpected death of this amazing brave ladies. "
Man: "The chairman of the National Bank Sovereign Prokopovych not tired claim that our national currency strengthened. At the same time constantly rumors about bucks recession, its catastrophic decline. Yes we do we see, what happens with the U.S. currency. I would like to ask the emperor Prokopovich, for which enhanced our ruble as the previous year, and two years back, and now for a buck must pay a similar number of our "strong" currency. Either Prokopovych two by two is not four? Thank you. "
Man: "In the near future in the midst of calls for" Freedom "something inaudible voices fellow lukashistov. Where’d they go? Very recently, ringing on" Freedom, "they are very intense, and some foaming at the mouth, supported by its own idol. Currently, when Alexander G. selected benefits, they finally realized that their leader fooled, in other words — tossed. This applies not only beneficiaries. This also applies to many businessmen and other people. Currently for their time has come szhinay fruit own loyalty to the leader. They should have much earlier idea. Already hardly correct. Train as statedcamping, went. When will follow, is not clear. "
Zinoviev: "When police major to the same reserve military intelligence officer in the KGB, and he gets 3700 Maltsev. Thank you."
Man: "Good morning, Radio Liberty. Want to place that my words will reach Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin. Pochetaemy Mr. Alyaksandr, I, like many Belarusians, I express to you my sincere sympathy over the death of your beloved wife Ira. Hold on, how perfectly that our Belarusian land has such strong-willed people, like you, have someone take an example. They, those at the top, those who have a reason for you and your family so much grief, do not break your spirit. As they say: guts. They are strong power, but not strong willed. Happen to any of them on your site, they would have rolled legs, would beg mercy. This reality they are brash, confident. But the time will come, I believe in it — they that currently hold sway and sneer at people get what they deserve, if not this, then in the next world. God in the world is! Those whom they have caused grief, and there is a huge amount in Belarus, has cursed them until the seventh knee. Hold on, darling! A complete wish lines amazing poet, essayist Yermolovich: "Long live Belarus! Although now she is willing and death of others, and their Judas! "
Tatiana Barrel, Ossipovichi: "Good evening. I listened to a program on the law on languages. From myself I wish to say. No, and there will be no one else in the world of land for Belarusians, except Belarus. Out and another language for Belarusians, except Belarus. For centuries, it choked and not allowed to develop our brothers and neighbors — Polish and Russian. And now here try zatsuglyats Belarusian bureaucrats. Vladimir Zdanowicz wish to say: I also taught at school "narkomovka" but all heart accept natural softness "tarashkevitsa" because specifically it corresponds to our speech. So maybe still need to return this letter? And what is the incentive for self-development with numerous Russianisms "narkomovki"? "
Ilya Kopil: "Good evening," Freedom "On this week there was another ceremony. Merit find their own heroes. I do not know how anyone, but I saw a depreciation of awards. For construction of a roof over the summer amphitheater in the town of Vitebsk — merit. And the merit was not the builder who developed the project, and the highest bureaucrat who followed it from the cabinet. Merit was a policeman for having caught a car that exceeded the set speed. But it is his duty everyday. For this he receives the funds. Bureaucrat of disk imaging received the Order, probably for that truthful information is missing in the country. Or maybe I’m wrong, do not understand something? Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "These lines refer to the March 5, 1953:
Rejoice, people!
Tyrant died.
Hallmarks razabrats shame!
That’s who was our thief
Somebody’s fathers and sons,
Who adored honest work,
He removes them as quickly as possible,
All the p
eople harmed.
Career for himself paved
behind us.
Oh, how many souls he ruined,
Eyewitnesses ourselves.
Oh, and it was young days,
Which have not been forgotten.
Stalin wisely. Beloved leader.
A thousand years he would live.
Well, it would be,
If I would live,
To human tears and curses him
To hell bred
In the gilded coffin.
Thank you for your attention. "
Man: "The counting of votes in the elections in Russia. If you move processed ballot papers from the East to the West voted for Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky decreased by whole percentages, the voices of all Bogdanova only on the tenth and later hundredths percent. Leaves, that the Democrat and Mason, technical candidate in Kamchatka, Chukotka, Yakutia and adjacent territories adherents more than populous part of. Russians can be glad for that and they have learned to count right to vote in elections. "
Man: "In Russia, presidential elections took place. I wish to note how these elections have passed quality. The position of each candidate is clear, colorful. Elected, of course, a very decent man, an intellectual, and not such as we have. Look at these applets. At least some people, even a child learns this program from. That would be the manager. In all his clarity. Now they are meeting stated that they would consider the proposals and development that were prepared other presidential candidates. This is it must. Look what we had. That noted candidates trampled Lukashenko, offended, slandered. So I’m very happy for our brothers, colleagues, relatives Russians about decent Russian President. "
Man: "What about the presidential elections in Russia. During the 1st presidential candidate Bogdanov voted only about a million voters. Hence the question to the directors of the play entitled" Presidential elections "How could this bidder to collect two million signatures needed for its registration as a candidate, despite the fact that they were valid? Such a funny guy case can be brought in the Guinness Record Book. Thank you. "
Viewer, Borisov: "I think the elections in Russia were playing one of the gates. One candidate in the air a moment, while the other watches. Was not even a direct debate. TB 1st puts a clown and other Humpbacked Horse. Neuzh something in a large rf ended Ivana, great rivals? "
Kholodovich Stanislav, Ivantsevichy ‘Sire Surikov, no need to lie. Belarusians will never forget 1996, the year of planting Russian troops in the face gentlemen Chernomyrdin Stroeva and Seleznev. It was brash and blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. And at the present time with RF side provided moral and real support of the Belarusian regime. "

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