P.Rudkovski: Sorry, but the Belarusian mentality — avtadestruktsyynaya

Ulitenok: "How to recognize mentality?"
Rudkovskii: "Mentality — flying in the air concept, devoid of sustainable value.
For example, at the moment our neighbors within a refreshed style Lithuania pushing for their own people, as a people brave. And the main, so to speak, courage palyagae Tipo that he zainitsyyavav decay Russian Union.
But in fact, emphasize the Lithuanian political scientists, this process is the end of the 1980s did not result from some daring people. Here is more than a certain spontaneous evolution of society.
So makarom often generalized statements about the mentality may be whether the ideological product, either spontaneously made mitalyagemay which does not necessarily reflect reality. "
Ulitenok: "We remind the audience the main stereotypes about the Belarusian mentality …"
Rudkovskii: "Lud patient or tolerant."
Ulitenok: "But you have a different view. Is not it?"
Rudkovskii: "Belarusians Inside there is a large differentiation in the method of thought or the same mentality. I personally as a type of state daminiruyuchaga mindset would refer avtadestruktsyynasts. In other words, the cultivation of species Belarusian as being a lower category.
This is illustrated by the different sayings jokes where Belarusian such acts are not very likable character. "
Ulitenok: "It’s — people self-esteem?"
Rudkovskii: "That was fixed not only by the example of the mass consciousness. Avtadestruktsyyny approach can be seen at the level of the elite: I agree — such a disturbing symptom of smallness."
Ulitenok: "But it can be overcome?"
Rudkovskii: "It can be overcome in the direction of more optimistic samavsprymannya. Here on views just comes Zenon Pozniak his vision of Belarus as the embodiment of all decent. What really extreme to the other side."
Ulitenok: "And where is the exit, the emperor, Peter?"
Rudkovskii: "Better formation avtakrytychnay mentality … but conjugated with the consciousness of its own advantages. Identity. Originality.’s Own values."

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