Protest small business

14:40 Vyacheslav detainees Siuchyk and Ales Makaeva of Leninsky District
transferred to the Investigation Committee.
14:00 Baranovichi. Trials of applicants meeting Nikolai, Black-moustached Oleg, Pasko Andrei Makarov and Anatoly Radkov
now not take place. People kept in court from 9 am to 13, and later moved to the meeting on February 19. 13:25 Provoker. tried to disrupt the accreditation of journalists Lithuanian Radio and "German Wave"
Police did not touch it. 13:23
Entrepreneurs and public activists sprawled with the junction of Kuibyshev and Communist. 13:15. Businessmen in building ONT not allowed Victor Gorbachev said second group of businessmen must pass the petition BTRC chairman Alexander. Zimovsky
BT is on the street Makayonok 9. 13:00

12:49 Olga, Kozulin daughter of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin put into a police bus


12:45 At the crossroads of Kuibyshev and Communist. road blocked by police commandos
They are not allowed on the TV business, where those are the petition. 12:40 Detained public activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk and one of the favorites businessmen Ales. Makaeu

They were taken to the Leninsky district police. 12:38 A group of businessmen accompanied by journalists (together about 40 people), move to the building ONT
that the street Communist.

12:30A. Milinkevich is now the Investigative Committee at the Sappers, 10. Its, interrogated in criminal case

instigated protests after business on January 10. 12:25

12:20 One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Victor Gorbachev
said that entrepreneurs will seek to television ether bureaucrats. According to Viktor Gorbachev, if the police did not interfere with holding the rally, gathered in the square would be about one and a half thousand people who are close — in stores, on sidewalks around the square.

12:15 Journalists, businessmen favorites Ales, Taustyka Victor, Track
UCP favorite Anatoly Lebedko pushed for the Palace of the Republic. 12:05 Victory Square people in civil detained Managing the movement "For Freedom!" Alexander. Milinkevich
He was bundled into a mini-bus and taken in an unknown direction. 11:55 Journalists police warned that those departed and lure attention. On October Square appeared favorite Joint civilian Party Anatol Liabedzka and one of the favorites businessmen Victor.


11:40 October Square patrol police. Area until empty standing water on it — there is a skating rink, but the temperature is above zero at the moment..
At Freedom Square worth a dozen police buses 10:20 Traffic policemen prevented the drive in Minsk Gomel entrepreneurs, members of the Coordinating Council of personal business Ire, Kaminski
BelaPAN reports.
"On the track Gomel-Minsk traffic police stopped us. Initially, we uttered that our car stolen, and later — that the documents are" not the press, "- said I.Kaminskaya.
"For a day or three before the police came to me. States that will rally in Minsk, ensure that this day I was at home, threatened criminal case" — said Ira Kaminska.
18 February at 12:00 private businessmen are going to hold a rally on October Square in Minsk. They protest against the presidential decree number 760. "People will come, just not clear how much. I do not expect a huge amount because it was not material. Apart from these actions will not be consolidation. Because this area do. Tents will try to deliver …. The requirement, as it was on meeting on December 10 — Fri 1.1 cancellation of the decree number 760, and other decrees that contradict the Constitution. To people allowed to work, "- said the acting chairman of the Coordinating Council of businessmen Ales.

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