S.Bukchyn: There shameless openness

"This is — shameless power. Incidentally, it was shameless and Russian Times. And no need There is a huge difference. But then it’s shameless power somehow masked, doing something, so this rudeness in the main cover. And now this is not done, "- says Simon Bookchin.
"In fact, nothing in addition time not changed, the same power with power. After all, it the same people who have their same idiotic psychology, the same svetavsprymanne. Nothing has changed completely.
Appeared only shameless openness, authorities act even though no desire to hide behind anything. But yesterday I watched "Panorama", conceived see a response. But they do not believe that even this giving. After all, on the other we have to somehow spin, lie. And you can just ignore. As if this is not — as if not hundreds of people yesterday strolling along the avenue, they did not stand with candles, with photos. Was not it. "

Tags: Kozulin, funeral

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