Second Dipcourier Aleksyuchanka

More was surprised and Prime Minister Borys Martos, litsezrev letter of credit and a half million karbovanetses paper signed by his predecessor — Prime Minister Vladimir Ukrainian People’s Republic of Chekhov, who provided him with a woman, posing as diplomatic couriers Avginya Aleksyuk. It is similar todid everything, what she asked for — rewrote the letter of credit and bank avstryyatski prydyaliv her military convoy on the reverse way, handing her a letter to the Belarusian government:
"Priynyavshi Vashogo diplomatichnogo race and win the views of those encampment, which is staying in at the moment and Yogo Bilorusky Narid territory, and strazhdayuchi terplyuchi view znuschan and disgrace odvichnih vorogov Biloruskogo so as Ukrayinsky peoples — Moskovs’kij CHervonnye imperiyalistiv-bolshovikiv I let ugorazdilo view name Sobornoї Ukrainy visloviti schire spivchuttya Ukrayinsky people — people Biloruskomu.
Ukraine […] zasilaє Bilorusky folk Respublitsi own grafted his alive and Bazhanov Їy as nayshvidche podolati vorogov Abi Vaughan could become Vilnius and regardless of scho as єdino-right and fair, Ukraine bude zavzhdi pidtrimuvati view schirogo Sulphur
. "
A very hidden mission began July 10, 1919. BNR government, who then worked in Berlin, German Rayhsbank refused to pay money for a half million credit karbovanetses portion of the loan from the Ukrainian government — in fact Ukrainian assets seized by the German authorities. The only solution was to rewrite the letter of credit on a bank in another country, and this should was done impracticable — to get from the new Ukrainian government paper, while not the last question was besides that — where to find the Government itself. The mission, headed by Ambassador Tsvikevicham could only get to Warsaw.
Next had to act illegally. It was agreed that perform almost impracticable task could only one person — 20-year-old Avginya Aleksyuchanka, diplomatic courier BNR Rada of People’s Ministers, which at that time already had a great experience moving freight and documents through the front-line zone.
And now, July 10 Aleksyuchanka left Warsaw, extreme difficulties reached Lutsk where peraadevshysya peasant went through the line of the Polish-Bolshevik Front. On the Bolshevik party, she was arrested, but 500 avstryyatskih crowns (where while walking what means — generally understand much problem), she managed to buy and even get a document of title to the jail. On the way to the Ukrainian border, NIGHT MODE Hotel Bolsheviks ransacked and requisitioned in kurerki all means, clothes, luggage and even shoes. If she left her almost nothing except miraculously saved documents, it also NIGHT MODE flees from the hotel which has been unable to pay.
At the Bolshevik-Ukrainian border Aleksyuchanku again arrested reddish fighters — for identification — but familiar with her face they will not have: NIGHT MODE together with 2 Ukrainian, detained for the same purpose, she broke out the window convict, scuttles and under ongoing battle crosses the line of fire of the Ukrainian Bolshevik Front. There she meets and the advance team of the Ukrainian army.
Now, after a warm welcome by the Ukrainian government and zalagozhannya all cases remains only just come back to Warsaw on the same road. Notable Ukrainian convoy county roads — bypassing the Bolsheviks — dovozyat lady to the Polish border in Zbruch, leaving it further adrift. At the border it instantly arrested Poles, but she finds them to own undercover key. As will be written later in the records of the Government of BNR — "due to extreme agility and lovkastsi, she is arrested and under escort of gendarmes, according to her request has been delivered to Warsaw" Where wasand placed under arrest for identity verification. After a number of days it can resolve, but under arrest at the hotel she was out without any documents. All paper and rewritten credit, she manages to convey the right hands even on the first night of its own findings.
End of the story is quite sad. People’s Council of Ministers expressed Avginya Aleksyuchantsy sincere thanks and gave a small premium. Kurerka itself, returning to his native Grodno, late autumn and winter 1919 is very ill and in vain requested the government for help. Later, during one of the missions, lent for itself means that there has to transfer to a third party shall, in its opinion, the amount and for such a crime was dismissed from her job.
That was with Avginya Aleksyuchankay outlined before and after rapid time — understandably strongly enough. The first time she appears on the prospects of the Belarusian April 18th, when the BNR Rada sends it with the express instruction in Bobruisk, captured Polish housing Dovbor-Musnitskaga. The certificate indicated that she — "bezhanka Grodno province, has 19 years and zhyvets in Minsk. " It remains to add that Avginya — younger sister of famous Belarusian leader, follower cooperation with Poland, Alesyukom.
After moving Politicians in late 1918 from Minsk to Vilnius, and later in Grodno, Aleksyuchanka takes an active part in political life, working in the Belarusian Committee Grodno, Belarus clubs, edited the newspaper "The Star". And, namely, attention is drawn to. Oh, so it remembers in his diary then Prime BNR Anton Lutskevich:
"I was in the county council. There sits Aleksyuchanka Avginya. Works perfectly — has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Nothing about politics at Hrodna ground, although emergency intellectuals do not seem to sin. "
Hard to say what caused the last remark Lutskevich, but her manner spetsefichesky padsvechvayuts words from BNR report on the state of work in Grodno local activist Yankees Cherepuka:
"…panna Aleksyuchanka ahvitserami with all ranks and nations spagulivae and the government to pay her wages. "
Can be interpreted in different ways by these figures marked features of the 20-year kurerki, but on many pages tyschah Archives BNR — this is perhaps the only case when someone turning their attention like a lady.
Last star Avginya Aleksyuk flashed in the Belarusian political sky in April 1923. On so called the Bialystok "45-Process" in which participants judged the anti-Polish Belarusian partisan activities during eyewitness testimony occurred almost ridiculous case. An eyewitness in his own tedious and longish speech styled commander of guerrilla groups operating in the Bialowieza Forest. Among them quite suddenly sounded Aleksyuk surname. President of the Court, which was beginning to fall asleep, suddenly flinched in the context of such an awkward name priklnnoy human authorities. Then he explained to that it was not about him, and about her — mysterious, elusive, almost mystical …
More about it, I do not know anything.

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