Secret meeting between the Minister Martynov in Germany

According to the German political elite, the recent meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov German Foreign control can be regarded "as a symbol of openness to dialogue with the EU." At the Berlin negotiations Belarusian Minister arrived in Munich after the 44th international conference on Security Policy (February 9-10).
Notwithstanding the role of top management in the negotiations of foreign ministers of Germany and Belarus on the visit Martynov Berlin no official information. As with the German and Belarusian side. German Foreign Office, even on criteria agreed anonymity only confirm the fact of the meeting.
Expert at the German Council on foreign policy Alexander Rahr in an interview with the "freedom" also was laconic:
Rahr: "I can only say that the meeting was held with a group of German deputies and top representatives of the German Foreign Ministry. On it in a very open conversation and a very harsh tone as the one and the other, but yet, very heartily and trust has been said about the ways of rapprochement Euro Union with Belarus. "
MEP from the "greenish" Elisabeth Schroedter explained avarice disk imaging closed minded meeting.
Schroedter: "According to European rules, high-level contacts between the EU and Belarus have not officially, first with those persons who are the Belarusian regime and are responsible for the current political situation such contacts occur. Informal meeting of officials who did not covered in the media "
Disk imaging on our German interlocutors, "during such meetings, there is something more than the exchange of known arguments."
More meaningful comment on the visit of the emperor gave Martynov Berlin Bundestag deputy from the Social Democratic Party, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Belarus of the OSCE PA Uta Zapf.
Speaking at a meeting of the Bundestag nedavneshnem, Ms. Zapf said:
"Visiting Minister Martynov security conference and subsequent negotiations in Berlin signaled the country’s willingness to engage in dialogue with Europe …
Martynov said: «It takes two to tango" ("to dance the tango, required two"). Yes, indeed. But that at the moment observed between European countries and Belarus, recalls faster cha-cha-cha or some dancing. " (Laughs.)
According to Ms. Zapf, Belarus seems, analyzes their difficulties. Due to the current situation with Russian energy supplies country "economically interested in strengthening relations with Europe."
"However, only democratic reforms this country fail to make a true basis for cooperation with Europe, to improve the standard of living and to the exit from the state of isolation in which she herself Belarus drove himself "- contributed German politician
Uta Zapf of conviction, "Germany, as the EU is willing to lend a hand in Belarus. Initiative Bundestag regarding visas Losers — a kind of stone in the mosaic process. This is a kind of main application dialog, the application for a dance, but such as the tango. "
The Belarusian Foreign Ministry in Berlin did not comment on the meeting. At the last briefing Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov once again highlighted the willingness of Minsk to establish pragmatic deal with the European Union. "The European Union — one of our biggest partners, first economic and trade. It is also our neighbor, who, as they say, given by God. "

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