Seen in Belarus: Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir (b. ninth 01. 1908) — Writer-Winner of the foreign state and the Prix Goncourt, intelektualka woman, feminist, which broke with disabilities Catholic environment, fond of Russian Marxism and socialism, and later categorically denied their historical perspective, fought against the war in Algeria and Vietnam, and China supported the Cuban revolution, collected and distributed their own funds to the poor, spoke with simple Freudian and social deterministami 50 years was actual companion Jean-Paul Sartre, which find their own peace last in a common grave at the cemetery in Paris Manparnaskih.
Sartravski existentialism with his maxim that the world is not predetermined running things, and his fate a person makes each day itself, with respect to the "women’s problems" Simone de Beauvoir lyapidarna defined in gnomic expression that starts the second part of it, for sure. most popular works, "The Second Sex» («Le Deuxième Sexe"): "Lady does not appear, become a lady" ("On ne naît pas femme, on le devient").
Desire to write about this unusual lady the other day so called Ladies days when the heads of the festively dressed ladies will be poured mb psevdamudrastsyav and obscenity, was born out of my 2-circumstances.
Revolving countdown impact — "thaw" 60s
In 1-x — a painful memory of youth, when, in the late 60s of the last century during the Khrushchev thaw and liberal rebellion "newest left" in Europe, together with the names of Camus Entsensbergera Marcuse, Che Guevara, etc. we heard the names of Jean-Paul Sartre and his current companion yes mental girlfriend — Simone de Beauvoir. later reprints of samizdat, fragments of the reviews in the magazine "Foreign Literature", with translation and officially released across the border illegally provezennyh originals in foreign languages we dole svezhevzrezannoy in European intellectual liberalism, then, however, is not always clear. Many of naming creators ever managed to buy at a cheap cost fabulously Polish bookstore in "Friendship" (then ave. Lenina 43, now Independence), both at the currently reads in Minsk bibliophiles — "at Zosia." So called very attractive saleswoman from the Polish department of this store. Poles although belonging to the then "socialist camp", but were given mass circulation works of Western intellectuals.
With bavuaravskay "feminizmu Bible" as a treatise called "The Second Sex" in those years were especially popular sections where inhumanly sexy truly personal experience taught creator and her friends affected by male chauvinism. (Do not forget that until 1944 in France ladies were disenfranchised that were banned abortions that women could not open a bank account, etc.). I remember the editorial commentary of the Polish edition, where the creators found in the text Beauvoir allusions to torment Tolstoy geraniums from "War and Peace" (small princess, wife of Andrei Bolkonsky, dying of unsuccessful delivery, says his own beloved: "Oh, what did you have done it with me? ") and references to Andreevnu Sophia, the wife of Leo Tolstoy, who in 24 years has gone through 16 pregnancies. Fighting for the right to break the ladies at the actual need pregnancy, contrary to the law and public opinion, de Beauvoir 343 coupled with his female fans signed the manifesto, "I had an abortion!" (In fact, she did not). Her actions associated with the French pamphlet Zola "J’accuse!" If he only spoke out against anti-Semitism in the municipality of so-called Dreyfus.
At the moment, really funny as we did not know enough about the "inner workings" of creativity J.-P. Sartre and Beauvoir C, found in everyday products (especially in sartravskih plays and letters) wide extrapolation and revolutionary allegory. Creators from time to time drawing attention to the little documented their experience of mental communication or even programmed future "novels dating" worked "text", guided by their own friends. So makarom they were doing a kind of postmodern model of the new aristocratic interpersonal relationships, experiments on themselves. Who is not enough, for example, knew that mental novel-essay "Words" Sartre ordained a Zoninay — citizen of the USSR, a translator, a private passion, whom he met during a visit to Moscow. She was a Russian dissident and close to the KGB and personality. If Sartre refused the Nobel Prize, his texts and essays read Beauvoir in the USSR in particular benevolence and intently.
Then, in the late 60’s and early 70’s (yes, I think, and now remains the Belarusians) curious to read the novel "The Mandarins" ("Les Mandarins"), for which Simone de Beauvoir in 1954, she was awarded the Prix Goncourt . Mandarins in France called intellectuals endowed with public thought. In the novel "Parisian mandarins" arguing in the salons of the position of mental state intelligentsia during the German occupation, the attitude to the Resistance, the U.S. and the Marshall Plan, the future of Europe and Russian socialism.
Our government sculpts Miss agro …
In-2-x, why hunt remember Simon Beauvoir — a sense of falsehood and shame for our municipal primitive sweet emancipation and rants about equality ladies and guys. Listening to the characters of the President, who likes "Lovely zhenshchyny" in the country checkrow method as once recommended to plant potatoes, pro-government businessmen began to create incubators women zharabyatak. "Beauty will save the world!" — Declare morons moderators municipal television, showing up the lower part of a large beautiful young body. They had heard that somewhere someone once said something similar. (In fact the hero of Dostoevsky once said: "Beauty feat Christ rescue World"). In a large tele-up: lovely but kasnayazykiya blonde-MP with excellent student-selected honors pupil are sitting on both sides of superior head; groups — from Bragin to Verkhnedvinsk — seduce young soul and cripple the girls show dealers, rekrutuyuchy product for their own obscure business; painted kids kind ladies dancing in children’s ensembles with movements malehankih taylyandkih prostitutes; lovely announcer commentator already shelled leather artificially "miniruetstsa" according metropolitan patterns, exult over the beloved domestic first sight, but says "exit-pool", "intsyndent" "transparent and transparently" … Where in the world that smart media director will put in the mouth of a twenty-five pupae analytical material …? (Remember age, demeanor and appearance telemaderatarak harsh programs in Europe). Where in the World reporter with natural fur collar and hair model will lead to svinafermy telecast? Etnakulturolyagi write that ladies still datsyvilizatsyynuyu era painted themselves to attract guys, and "design" their own visage sygnalizavali about their own availability, or vice versa. But did it in his spare time, when the tribe rested under the palms yes Lozovoye bushes. Forthan now, talking about gender equality, humiliate ladies, turning them in public in funny pupae of provincial inferiority complex?
Mentioning in solemn vosmomartovsky verbal tirade named Clara Zetkin, an urn with the ashes entombed in the capital which the Kremlin wall, and here we are fake. At home emigrant Zetkin standards of social equality, ladies, for which she struggled, realized more than our terenah: German teacher and doctor now earn more than the ordinary police-men.
Some shtrishki to portrait Simone de Beauvoir
Student years lived in the lap of intelligent, but poor family. Generic shares Russian railway company "burned" after 1917. Mom — a real-Catholic believer, his father — an agnostic. With 14 years of Simon finds his own God and finds notes how society forms the o
ppressed lady. Student studying philology, arithmetic, philosophy. Diploma protects on philosophical and mathematical theory of Leibniz. Final exam in philosophy at École Normale Supérieure in 1929, losing the first time brilliantly, by scores 2nd after Sartre (he sank twice). Of the 76 graduates, only 24 survived the exam. Before the exam, Simon and Jean-Paul preparing together at the home of another communist condoled under virgin eye Lenin, whose portrait hung above a sofa owner. Youth passion were there not enough "relevant" Sartre had growth of 158 cm, was oblique, unsportsmanlike, with unpresentable skin … Having signed for 2 years, and later for a lifetime agreement "open friendly relations" that resembles our awareness civilian marriage, they occasionally lived together, hiring a hotel and private apartments, wrote almost every day, in every detail describing their mental and sensory revelation that did not stop them siege and fruitfully. For their performance and mental cravings for zbyurak Simon earned the nickname "Beaver": its French name resembled an English-sounding "beaver", and besides the Beavers always work in groups. In meetings — often in the presence of new friends — they sums own epistolary disputes and reconciled whether their modus vivendi philosophy of existentialism.
What it is — happiness ladies?
Reading diaries and letters Simone de Beauvoir now — despite all her optimism and determination intelligent experience of a — still held bitterness. It seems that even such an extraordinary lady could not find the deepest happiness without true family. (At the end of life de Beauvoir udacharyla his secretary to throw her own literary contribution). Brilliant epistolary legacy Simone de Beauvoir subconsciously perceived as a kind of therapy for social and personal depression. Focusing on philosophical dilemmas on life and death in the description of the last days of his own mother and the passing of Sartre, it directly and indirectly acknowledged how difficult it was to walk the path that she chose for herself. Cooperate mental "being 2-together and save different for each individual freedom" — a thing impracticable. Personal freedom turns "together" in "nivoshta." At the moment, no one can say where Sartre and de Beauvoir’s own writings were sincere to the end, and where not. No lady and no man in the world does not know where and what it is — his good fortune. That’s the whole charm of the human being, speak out as once read Simone de Beauvoir.

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