Service in the Belarusian army will be reduced to one year?

So Makar, soldier conscripts can be equated to their counterparts with higher education, which serve one year after graduation.
Reduction of the term as Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev, will be due to the "intensification of combat training and cost of modern trenazherav." Specific date when these innovations will be implemented until called.
Or will not be in the army to give specialty "sweep of the broom?"
General Valery Frolov one hundred percent of the defense department divides the initiative on the reduction of life. Such an issue on cpadara Frolova, long overdue, because in modern Belarusian army combat training real soldiers are not training:
"I davneshny follower such reduction. On the condition that the army will do what needs to be engaged, throwing many uncharacteristic Army tasks that would normally. To do this, draw a certain part of civilian persons who would be doing tasks that the military engaged optional.
Because everything can be fully. In the end, contractors are on severe cases. And the rest of it? We also uchyat the main broom sweep and if tightly engaged in business, and we can train a person for a year. Not like we have silly people. Currently studying in the best case takes ¼, and everything else — some incomprehensible nonsense. "
The main thing is not the quantity but the quality of recruits
Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev announced its intention to further reduce the half life of the military. If the idea to bring to life — it is not specified.
So Makar, over the last decade with the 2 years, even in ordinary Russian time, military service has a real chance halved.
By Maltsev, last acquisition contractors in occupations that are impractical to cook in the army (as an example were named chef and chauffeur). This applies to professions whose training can not be done for the year conscripts. In addition, Maltsev said, is the planned reduction of the army, which makes it possible to filter "over the people." Namely, he said that Belarus should serve as strong and healthy people:
"I have twice reworked for tighter order on the" quality "recruits. That under no circumstances shall one person, when he was sick in armed forces was not called. And in each case, if such, God forbid, happens somewhere, conducted a detailed investigation, the guilty brought to severe punishment. If here and there "proshlyapili" that called the young man, and later learned that he fell ill, he was naturally cured and we are firing. "
"Kontraktnik — step to Prof. Army"

Last chief medical service of the Head of Staff of the Armed Forces, Colonel Vladimir Myalyushka convinced that in modern conditions the emphasis should be on a professional army, grounded on a contract system. Because the idea of delegated as a contract of liabilities are presently conscript soldiers do, he considers justified:
"Quite simply fall into place. If previously recruited into the army, even if only to complement what method (since people did not have), it is out of desperation. Now the size of the army declined more for contract service is already there is a possibility elect people healthier.
The contract system is much better. Man-in-1’s, comes prepared, it is not necessary to spend money on it. His take on contract service, if it has already served some time, this first people after the army. In other words completely cooked specials, it just stays "praspetsyyalizavats" brush up a little. And it’s a completely different sense of responsibility. Because, of course, a contractor — is a step forward, to prof army. In this sense, everything is fine, everything is fine. "
Meanwhile Defense Ministry claim that they want to be removed from the call to military service, because the method of army must comply with military doctrine. Also of the Armed Forces of Belarus is not worth picking task contracted by 50 or even 100%. Number of contract will depend on the specific conditions and needs. Tags: Maltsev, recruits, contractors, service troops

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