Started Vienna Forum against human trafficking

Yesterday sovereign Martynov made a presentation in which "gave an assessment modern international efforts to combat human trafficking and provided a strategic vision this prepyadstviya in the context of the existing threats and challenges ", — reported the press office of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
Neither the report the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov at the Vienna Forum, nor on the website MIA freshest no statistics on how many in Belarus trafficking victims as criminals punished for it. On the website — the data in 2000-2005.
In the past year in the U.S. State Department report on human trafficking Belarus moved from a group of states, where the situation is under strict control, so called "Watch list", — the State Department acknowledged that the situation with human trafficking in the country worsened and requests closely attention.
International non-governmental programm "La Strada" helps trafficking victims and their relatives. Coordinator applets on Belarus Ira Olhovka reads as follows:
"I would not say that something is radically changed. Took the latest program from the Municipal Anti-Human Trafficking for 2008-2010. However, the drafting process was not transparent nor to the public, nor to international organizations, which also causes if not horror, that alertness. "
On the "hot line" "La Strada" by nonhazardous movement for 7 years of existence has received about 15 thousand calls, 2007 the hot line in 1374 requested person. But statistics on how many, for example, criminals prosecuted, "La Strada" has, says Ira Olhovka:
"We, unfortunately, do not have statistics on how many people punished. But, incidentally, we get letters from people who are punished, or their families deal with the request, because many who disagree with the decision that ruled the tribunal. But our competence comes not because the maximum that we can do — is to bring such a request to the competent authorities for consideration. "
In Last year Belarus held a closed trial of 10 leaders of modeling agencies, which recognized guilty of exporting Belarusians abroad for prostitution. Exclusively in the United Arab Emirates visited 500 Belarusian models. On the days of the Internet newspaper "Solidarity" published recognition of one of the "victims" who told than Actually engaged in so called "bird of paradise". Article called "For a night with Sheikh could earn a thousand dollars and more. "And the leaders of agencies" Zara "," Madison "," Grace "received sentences of between 8 to 12 years with confiscation of property bullpen.
As for said State Program to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings for 2008-2010, coordinator "La Strada" by Ira Belarus Olhovka remarks
"The question of how to make a special fund for the victims. This fund will consist of confiscated assets, assets that will later go to rehabilitation assistance to victims. But in the program and a lot of common language and would like to build more specific steps which would had their indicators to assess the effectiveness of implementation of applets. "Tags: trade, Martynov, people, prostitution, Belarus

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