The Church must speak out in defense of human rights

Ulitenok: "What Your responded cusps of apalyachvanne position and anti-Belarusian church in Grodno?"

"Some priests and believers have expressed some solidarity here. But many consider it unjustified step in the sense that, say, for what was to speak in public form.
My answer is: do not be afraid of publicity. If social problem, it is more likely to permit. Overcome certain difficulties easier for us to work together than when it is closed, tabuizavanaya. "
Ulitenok: "What the state and prospects shmatkanfesiynastsi in Belarus — from time to time say, for example, will soon gain weight evangelists?"

"The specifics of the evangelical church, indeed, that it is still quite applicable to certain categories of people — maybe more prone to sensual spirituality. But — not for anyone who finds faith. It is not a form for each applicable religiosity. Different people need different forms of spirituality. Because I do not think that the gospel will spread vigorously tomorrow by Orthodoxy or Catholicism. "
Ulitenok "Insecure than the so-called nationalization of the Orthodox Church? "

In case of apparent violations of human rights and church church must speak loudly on their behalf …

Rudkovskii: "Excessive convergence or razlichvanne the government more than God — well, it’s just the devaluation threatens this confession as such. But do not think that is really solid nationalization threatens Belarusian Orthodox."

"Why officially church does not respond to massive human rights violations? "

"Insufficient againvita mental reflection on the role of churches, churches in public life. Requires strong mental strength to understand, where permissible scope for the Church — whether public statement in defense of human rights violation of the principle of the separation with the state or is not so?
In my personal opinion: in case of apparent violations of human rights and church church must speak loudly in their defense — it is one of the principles of loyalty to the person calling to be the patron loyalty pluses person. Yet it is not clear for the bishops. "

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