The problem of the Belarusian society — blind soul

Pavel Sheremet has published an article on the days of "The Catcher in the heresy," which raised moral nuance of the situation around the family Kozulin.
Sheremet: The main feature of at least some dastardly deed — is the desire of the one who commits this act, to engage in sin as many people as possible to absolve themselves of responsibility for that sin, and pass it on to a huge number of people.
We very often say that we have no idea of the state, that we clear who that Belarusians are divided into Russian and Belarusian, Eastern and Western, by those for and against Lukashenko Lukashenko, but it seems to me that this division is conditional and wrong. I think Belarusians are divided into those who support and justify the meanness and crime, and those who oppose this meanness.
And this is the essence of the situation around the family A.Kozulin: principal, you Kozulin for or against, but if you approve izymatelstvo over people izymatelstva ladies, then you can not be forgiven, there is no excuse.
Karatkevich: Wife and daughter of Alexander Kozulin not once were that he has the opportunity to listen to the bullpen including Radio Liberty. What would you handed to him personally?
Sheremet: Though what the person who is in the bullpen, including Kozulin, which is in this catastrophic situation can only wish courage and save to topical case for what he sees around him. Save power, and most importantly — psychic powers in order to come back to wait for the release.
KaratkevichPavel, journalists should be impartial and to hide their emotions. But you are very sensual wrote about Ira Kozulin …
Sheremet: Journalists must remain neutral and sensual rest when they discussions are politicians and their deeds. But if it is about the life and death of a person, it is impossible to maintain emotional calm.
The main problem of the Belarusian society — this blindness of soul and heart skamyanenne. Not that people not marching, not that they are not supporters of democracy or aimed at Russia or in Europe — this is not the main problem for Belarus.
The problem is that we close our eyes and walk past misfortunes questionthe man, izymatelstva over past this man. And especially when it comes to women and their children, I can not help their feelings, because I made so deep — but not only I am alone. It should be noted that this first reacted Fyaduta Alexander, and it was a very courageous act, he responded very aggressively Lukashenko on his remark about family Kazulins.
That’s when we overcome this blindness of the soul, and we will have the honor and courage, and conscience, and some in the future as a society and as the people. Tags: Kozulin, Fyaduta, Kozulin, Sheremet

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