Tragedy on the oil pollutes usvoyu Dnieper

As a result of the tragedy in the Dnieper usvoyu already leaked more than 70 cubic meters of fuel. Environmentalists they say that there is a danger of contamination of the Dnieper river bed, which provides water to the capital of Ukraine — Kiev.
Now the scene rescuers expect to cut a piece of pipe. On this "Radio Liberty" said chief inspector of nature protection area Rechitskoye Gennady Kalinowski:
"From the scene of the tragedy just 500 meters from the Dnieper. Thaw in the water on the floodplain of the river rose and closed the pipe. And now here comes the cut line with a 2-side to absolutely dismantle this site. Its length — about 100 meters."
According to the ecologist, the water in the floodplain of the Dnieper already contaminated. Meanwhile starts flooding, which threatens to spread poisonous spots in the mainstream and tributaries. First it scares the local inhabitants agrotown Zaspa. Tatiana says Gorbach:
"We on the river near the village a place where many people come to relax. There was untainted water. There lily blossom. And the village is Alexandrovka Dnepr. Also there is excellent. There was not even such accidents. "
Next idea Galina Protas:
"Our village is large, if the river will flood, then, of course, water to reach us. It is not safe, as well?"
Speaking joins Ira Kanyushik:
"That’s all you need to remove. Process. Overall, unauthorized tapping into the pipeline often happen here."
The scale of the tragedy indirectly evidenced by the number of rescuers sent here and environmentalists. They all feed at the moment in the dining room of the village Zaspa. Says Head dining Lena tube:
"Yesterday, at first pronounced that 70 people will be. Later warned to cook dinner for 100 people. And now for 100 people."
Cook says that she first finds out the freshest announcements from the blast site:
"I uttered that the tragedy occurred because of the pressure in the pipe. Rescuers they say that in Russia pipes on this pipeline in continuous substitutes. And we — as they say they are — built, then another time a piece of pipe will change, well, everything . Dept. lacking. Therein cause. "
Help "Freedom": Pipeline "Unecha Exactly" belongs to the company "Zapadtransnefteprodukt" Russian JSC "Transnefteprodukt." Breakthrough pipe through which diesel fuel goes from Russia to Western Europe, occurred in the afternoon on February 14 at agrotown Zaspa Rechitsa District.
This is the third in the last eleven months of this tragedy on the pipeline company. First accomplished March 23 2007 on the pipeline "Unecha — Ventspils" in Beshenkovichi district, Vitebsk region. Then leaked about 120 tonnes of oil. Reclamation through channel 80 tons fell into the river and the Western Dvina Vlu in including and adjacent area of Latvia.
Second tragedy on the pipeline "Unecha — Ventspils" in Beshenkovichi region occurred May 5, 2007. Leak — 5 tons of oil spill area — about 50 square meters. Part of the oil got into the reclamation channel connected to Svyachankay river, a tributary of the Vly, which in turn flows into the Western Dvina.

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