Tribunal — Correspondence, fine — real

Now UCP and overseeing elections UDF from Kalinkovichi Denis Rabenok received by mail Yale District Court ruling.
One arbitrator Let’s jump off ruled in absentia — fined activist violation of election legislation by 1 million 50 thousand rubles. This is the equivalent of $ 500.
The court ruling states that Rabenok Tipo specifically refuses to appear in tribunal. This made him very astonished:
"I even asked the postman when I come any summons from the court, the police or even from that she did not throw in the drawer and gave me or my family in his hands. Myself I really wanted to get to the Tribunal, that look in their incorrect eyes. matter entirely sucked from the finger. Now they say about the warming of relations with Europe, some of democratization. democratization No we do not. Mode looks and punishes those who somehow expresses its political initiative. "
Recently parliamentary elections Denis Rabenka was summoned to the prosecutor’s office Kalinkovichsky, where he was questioned by Assistant District Attorney Yale Yuri Kushnyaruk. He said the activist that prosecutors filed an administrative case against him under Article 9.10 of the Administrative Code. The activist was charged that in August he is not a member active group, Tipo collected signatures in Yelsk for the candidate from the UDF Polesskoe surrounded polling number 43 Nicholas Gavrylenko. Tipo activist identified by two Yale ladies photo. And though the emperor nominated Gavrylenko a candidate party through a protocol, not by collecting signatures, materials against Denis Rabenka sent to the tribunal.
Correspondence Tribunal has held on October 10. A ruling activist received just now. Currently problematic even submit the appeal because it is released for ten days had expired.

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