Ukrainian Aircraft engine in 2011 significantly increased sales

Moscow. March 21. Airports — Ukrainian JSC "Motor Sich" and state-owned enterprise (SOE) "Ivchenko-Progress" According to the preliminary results for 2011 have substantially increased the level of sales, said, "AviaPort" the president of the Association "Union of Aviation Engine" Victor Chujko.


According to him, the volume of sales of JSC "Motor Sich" in 2011, according to preliminary data, exceeded 2010 figures by 22% to 19 billion rubles. "Zaporozhye GP" Ivchenko-Progress "is also very substantially increased sales — they are 32% above the 2010 level," — said V.Chuyko.

He said that in mid-March of this year, the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture "Aviaremont-MS" became a member of ASSAD.


As previously reported, in 2011, the 218th Aircraft Repair Plant Defense Ministry in Gatchina near St. Petersburg have been successfully completed state benchmark tests Ukrainian helicopter TV3-117VMA-SBM1V program approved by the commander in chief of the Russian Air Force and consistent with firms Mil and Kamov. Making this type of engine is planned for the areas of the joint venture.


Also on the basis of the joint venture on ARZ 121 Kubinka last year started the first repair of the D-18T. Repairs while there is a large-block, the development of such a powerful engine repair will lead step by step. There also will be servicing the D-18.


In addition, Dubna near Moscow prepared production for the repair and maintenance of engines of P95 for guided missiles.

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