V.Supranovicha: Celebrate not yet learned

Supranovich: Celebrate in our country have not yet learned. And prazdnichkom, are presently are, what they are transformed in the process … — I would not like, that in the current situation prazdnichkom March 25 would be municipal. And that is all turned into such things as, for example, prazdnichek town — when people take to the streets in the city just for the purpose of drink.
Remained in the memory of the 90s, when the procession came really a lot of people. Unlimited number of flags. Lovely festive … I personally think that the day of Liberty — it prazdnichek when must procession. And it would be great if this procession led to a good site where would be a big gala concert. Where he performed various musicians from different musical directions.
Correspondent: And you personally this prazdnichek that mean?
SupranovichFor me it is — just prazdnichek. Prazdnichek, a day that should be kept in mind, should be celebrated. Even in those criteria, in what we are now. We have to mark their presence should take to the streets, to be in a decent mood and greet people. If people do not know what it did for prazdnichek — tell them about days of this.

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