Values or populism?

In the conditions of harsh authoritarian regime, the country lacks the social and political crisis, the opposition has no chance of winning, regardless of the right or the wrong strategy. But such a crisis can happen at any moment, because the opposition favorites must be ready for a sharp change in the situation.
Tsigankov poses a problem: should intercept opposition slogans from Lukashenko and address social issues, or it is necessary to adhere to one’s own values and not to play populism? It seems that the production This problem a controversial problem.
All depends on what goals and objectives that puts ahead of itself or other organization or politician. There are parties for whom the main thing in politics — is the preservation of the purity of the flag, and anything else they really do not apply. In at least some democratic country, there are many marginalized organizations with leaders idealist who for decades are in the political space and benefit from this moral gratification. There are organizations in Belarus. (One politician after another electoral campaign adored read: "But we got a moral victory.")
Absolutely another thing, if the party claims to power. And in such a situation whether you want to seek political power to the majority of the conquest commitment electorate seems weird.
But a significant part of the opposition politicians from that question just shrugs. Some justify that criteria authoritarian regime the question of power decides not to electoral competition, and the street area, maidan. Because the main task — to bring out a sufficient number of his supporters and such makarom solve the problem of power. After the revolution always commits the active minority. That was in October 1917 in Russia, so it was in Kyrgyzstan 2005.
This thesis, there are two objections. In 1-x, the active minority can solve the problem of power in the street at the feeble mode. Then a rather small number of demonstrators, the authorities dropped. For example, in Kyrgyzstan 5-15 thousand people in one day changed the power in the country. Belarusian regime is very strong and will defend to the last.
In-2, active minority must rely on passive support or neutrality of the majority. In March 2006 Lukashenko supported 63% of the population. In such a situation the chances of the opposition was not, despite the heroism of the young people in the Square.
Because you can make subsequent conclusion: while the opposition does not will be for an electoral majority of street will not solve anything.
Other policies are at such position: if the values of the electorate does not coincide with ours, then you need to re-educate him. And re-educated for many years. With certain fruits.
Recipe political victory has long been no secret, it is described in the textbooks match the needs of society and the kind of political force. Find social enthusiasm and fulfill it. A question of the relationship of values and populism is solved by political strategists. European values are simply mixed with popular slogans and protection benefits — with market reforms (for example: "First — economic reform, and only later — reforms in the social sphere, and not vice versa".) If you go to the population and to collect signatures abstract appeal to Belarus’ joining the EU, then no it will not give effect.
Another nuance of this problem. G. Tsigankov says about worthless searches miraculous motto, which immediately give the opposition power. No most amazing programm or motto will have no effect if there is no trust in the political forces. Specifically, it was the main prerequisite for the defeat in the recent Russian SPS Duma elections, and not a rejection of the values and the desire for populism.
What means are permissible in order to win? The problem really is. It has political, ethical, technological dimension. In each particular case it is solved differently.
General policy — it’s a never-ending compromise between politics, ideology, power and population, etc. Where there is no compromise, the policy terminates.

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