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Why is the hymen?

There is no single answer to this question is no. In the animal world virgin membrane there is only the female apes and several species of antelope, and its destination is not too clear. Although the nature creates nothing "just".

There is a point of view that the hymen — is a vestigial organ that has been preserved in the process of evolutionary change. Some researchers believe that it is necessary to keep the vaginal flora.

An interesting hypothesis suggested Ilya Mechnikov: the dawn of human civilization, people engage in sexual intercourse at a very young age, that is, when sexual a member of the boy is still underdeveloped. The hymen is not only an obstacle to copulate, but even contributed to sexual pleasure in that it narrowed the opening of the female body and fit it to the little man's penis. However, it is not torn, and gradually expanded. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that many primitive peoples marriages are still in childhood.

Hymen— Fold of mucous membrane of the vagina, which is 2-3 inches from the labia minora and closes the entrance to the vagina. Every woman's hymen is unique because of its size, type, shape, thickness, supplies blood vessels and nerves have their own characteristics. Therefore defloration all women suffer in different ways.

In Pleven may be one or more holes for the menstrual blood. In 18-20 years, good tensile membrane when it breaks a woman loses a little blood. With age, the hymen is aging, loses its elasticity, and therefore may be complicated by deflowering. After 30 years of hymen is 80% less elastic.

The hymen may be absent

There is a congenital absence of the hymen (the so-called cell aplasia) or the hymen may be so undeveloped that it can be identified only in gynecological examinations.

The hymen can break as a result of accidental injury if she overdid during masturbation or a failed exercise, such as gymnasts. The same can happen in an unsuccessful introduction into the small hole tampons. Such cases are not rare. Mother in countries such as India, Brazil, Chile so vigorously wash away their daughters that their hymen is completely destroyed in the early childhood.

How to check the presence of the hymen before marriage

To determine if a virgin girl or not, different people come up with a lot of witty and a variety of tests. For example, people who live on the shores of the Caspian Sea, put a naked bride in front of a swarm of bees and watched her behavior. If the girl stood quietly, staring into the face dangerous insects, and they will not bite, then a virgin, and if the bride takes flight — so chastity is lost. Others planted bride squatting over a vessel of wine and tried to smell the wine evaporate from the mouth of the test. If you are not a virgin, the mouth should smell the wine.

And some of the people actively deflower a bride before the wedding night. Everyone knows the famous "right of first night", according to which the feudal lord alone deprived the bride of innocence, before giving her groom. In Peru and Kamchatka mothers themselves for "preparing for the wedding," his daughters with the help of artificial phallus, as did the older women in African tribes. Often, this was done by relatives or friends of the groom, priest, priests, etc.

After the first sexual intercourse a woman can remain a virgin

At first intercourse hymen is usually broken. However, if it is elastic or if a hole in it large enough, the sex life can take place for some time and in an undisturbed stubble. Some girls hymen can be stretched up to size of the penis, the more excited she is, the greater extensibility has a hymen.

Tensile virgin membrane sometimes persists until birth, despite regular sexual life. Large hole in the hymen can be from birth, and can be created artificially. For example, if a regular masturbation or petting when the hole gently inserted a finger. Eventually hole increases more and more, and with good elasticity and the hymen enough thrill your partner, it may miss the small size sexual member. Some sexologists even recommend to ease defloration little finger hole stretch in Pleven during the first sexual intercourse.

Hymen is very strong, and one night a man is not able to break through it. In such cases it is best to see a gynecologist and conduct surgical defloration. You should not try at all costs to break hymen, turning mystery into violence. You can seriously injure the delicate organs: deflowering occurs during most of perineal tears.

Mistaken are those men who believe that after the first night will have to be blood. Some girls break hymen weak and because of the arrangement of blood vessels bleeding can not be. At the same time, the presence of blood is not a guarantee of defloration — it might just be menstrual blood.

Pleven is intact can even unwanted pregnancy. This pregnancy it can happen after ejaculation in the vestibule or on wet vulva girls with intact hymen. In some women, the hymen rupture occurs only duringtime delivery. Usually obstetrician himself incised her not to impede delivery.

Thus, on the one hand, the hymen is not a guarantee of virginity. On the other hand, the lack or absence of a hymen defloration when you have sex does not mean that girl lived before sexual activity. It should be a good understanding of those men who are especially kind to the fact of innocence of his lady.

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