Vitebsk: meeting with Milinkevich without light

About 60 people came to the meeting with a politician now in the 18th evening — those who are not scared strong wind and rain that came in Vitebsk in the morning. The meeting lasted about 2-hours.
Within minutes from the beginning to the venue several police cars arrived. Staff at the October police station came to mass and pronounced that this meeting unauthorized, and that people should disperse. Vitebsk human rights activist, a representative of the BHC Paul Lewines appealed to the policemen and all those present with an explanation that does not happen cinema mass action, and everyday conversation ordinary people Republic of Belarus.
Policemen in the form moved away from the crowd, and instead of them there were people in the civil cameras, which have started to remove all the meeting participants.
As people with cameras lodged in the car, and suddenly the lights went out in the foyer of the cinema, and the entrance to the building, even reddish bukovkoy name "Mir" suddenly began to shine in the dark. But even in the dark and sprawling people kept asking Milinkevich questions on a variety of topics: prospects for constructing a nuclear power plant in Belarus, the release of political prisoners, about the upcoming elections.

Milinkevich noted that obstacles in the meetings in the regions became his already common and now on the road to Vitebsk his car not once stopped by traffic police.
The driver even had to go to control inspections, because the police said that this vehicle is considered in the hijacking. In the end, the traffic police have withdrawn their claim. Tomorrow Alexander Milinkevich thinks go to Novopolotsk, that encounter with the local residents.

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