Water for Life: unblemished, but overhead

In the field — 16 deep wells. And if the bacteriological characteristics of water are normal, then a high content of iron in the water experts at fixed every fourth water supply system.
Now Vitebsk work of 67 stations water purification from impurities of iron. Construction of such plants requires large money. Employees because health services are very high hopes lozhut adopted by the municipal program from "Clean Water", which until 2010 should contribute, so that the tap water is cleaner.
According views spetsa Regional Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology Dmitry Romanov, public funding — 5 and a half billion — should produce results:
"Cancel the program that by 2010 will be to act. Allocates funds for which people are responsible. Not bad equipment, beautiful experts at a high level. All without problems! "
Sonorous history with state applets "Clean Water" was accomplished in Beshenkovichi. Here for 170 million rubles have acquired the equipment for cleaning water. But check revealed after treatment of the water was cleaner.
Says Chief Sanitary Doctor Beshenkovichi district Nina Karpushenka:
"As the chief sanitary doctor of the district council, the results I expected — for people, for their health, so that the water was of net. Abezzhalezvannya But the station, which has put us here one company, was not able to purify water. Though if were taken, we are convinced, all will be made. Bacteriological our water is not bad, but on the level of iron too far to the standard that has to be. "
Nina Karpushenka states that ladies avoid even wash water in such a snow-white linen, not something to cook on it.
"Near the water flows from the tap, it seems that it is free"
11 years in Vitebsk there company "RIKOR", which produces the well-known brand of water "Vita". Water is extracted from the well near the sanatorium "Letsi" goes through several steps cleaning, bottled in plastic containers and delivered to the stores or directly to customers.
Shastsilitrovaya plastic bottle of drinking water "Vita" is worth three thousand rubles. For the same money from ordinary tap in an apartment you can use almost 6 thousand liters. cool water.
By Vladimir Gubarneva, deputy director of the office of Vitebsk "RIKOR", the demand for good-quality drinking water is dependent on consumer welfare:
"Not every human mind" matured "to understand what he should drink pure water. When it flows from the tap we, the person thinks that the water is free. And here you have to pay, say, 8 thousand per 19 liters respectively .. with an average size of pensions in our country, for sure, not everyone will be able to it. "
Sovereign Gubarnev believes very tongued marketing slogan "Vita — Water for Life." And yet the vast majority of the inhabitants of Vitebsk consumes another water — from the tap. Not very clean and not very savory, but until a cheap. Tags: Vitebsk, water

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