What dignity, courage, endurance met Kazulina merciless blows of fate …

The theme of political prisoners — one of the main in our email last week. Under pressure from international society and the democratic opposition power evenly releases bullpen of opposition politicians and public activists. A few days back the right for Dmitry Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich, Mikola Autukhovich and Andrei Klimov FREED journalist Alexander Sdvizhkou. Opposition favorite Alexander Kozulin in These days are also on the loose, but he was released only temporarily — for the funeral wife Ira.
Listeners "Freedom" continue to open a discussion of these actions in their own letters. Here is what we Tatiana Timoshevich Minsk:
"Blatantly that so much time had to put pressure on the authorities that she did what she had to do without being asked to — release Kozulin, give him to say goodbye to wife, who loved him so.
What unspeakable tests befell this family! And with what dignity, courage, endurance met these people merciless blows of fate!
What an injustice — what a day or three Kazulina again have vorachivatsya in a prison cell! I think if all Belarusians know what’s going on around Kazulins family, the human indignation would have no limit. But the fact of the matter is that all Belarusian municipal media like clams. Shameful to them for their own owners
. "
Name Alexander Kozulin, like other democratic favorites, municipal media banned, Ms. Timoshevich. And if they mention it only in the one-sided propaganda articles in which everything that makes power is supplied with the "plus" and everything the opposition — with a "minus". Presence or absence of shame and conscience of municipal employees of newspapers and television in this case, of course, irrelevant.
As for the future of Alexander Kozulin, it is unlikely that mode again dare to close it forever in jail. The release of all political prisoners without exception — one of the main criteria of the West to start a dialogue with the official Minsk. Belarus has taken control of this process, and there is no logic to stop him when at large is almost all political prisoners — except Alexander Kozulin and Andrei Kim.

Our listener Rosalia Rubinchik Minsk unpleasantly surprised that newsagents was impossible to buy a newspaper "Culture".
"Bypassed several stalls everywhere one answer: "This newspaper is no longer comes!" I ask: "Why?" Answer: "There is no demand!" Hard for me to believe it. I think that this — just power politics, and if precisely — officials who themselves determine what people read newspapers, and what — no.
But different waste paper in the stalls — in bulk. I do not argue: glossy magazines, detectives, romance and similar products also have the right to life. But why a publication that covers the action seriously cultural life of Belarus, was in nyamilastsi — is unclear. And very sorry …
The newspaper "Culture" — municipal, financed from the budget. No political circumstances in order to expel it from the distribution system, of course not. Just so makarom bureaucrats decided to save: in newspaper kiosks will not, and it can write.
Another thing — corporate news media: "Narodnaya Volya", "Nasha Niva", "Belarusian Business Newspaper." They were denied the ability to spread through the stalls, and through subscription. Although formal justification sounded the same way: they Tipo "do not get demand" …
But in the village district Dubrova Svetlahorsk people have their own independent newspaper, despite the fact that the authorities did not authorize nor its publication nor distribution. Our listener Nicholas Busel, discover in your own mailbox new release of national combat leaf "Dubrovsky mood", sent it to "Freedom." There is a newspaper article about the mood among the elderly (and I quote):
"Older people are willing to kiss Lukashenko for Increased pension "- so says one old bloodroot. Pensioner sees this not a good meal, and her house long — rot, worm-beetle. And the toilets in her only no. In short, for their small needs it does not pay. Funds from her (yes or one of it) lure alcoholics (and alcoholics) relatives.
Meanwhile, popular in Dubrovka delicacy — Waffle band that yesterday cost 250 rubles, now has cost 370 (jumped by 50 per cent). And so — all.
And your children will have to wait in his apartment campuses life, pay for education (the price of which, incidentally, has grown along with the increase in pension plucked)
. "
Here it should be seen that among the elderly can be heard soon and completely different policy evaluation authority. This applies particularly to the elderly city that is more painful than the villagers survived the abolition of social benefits. Well, a continuous rise in food prices more painful affects just the urban elderly.
Our listener from Borisov Nicholas Belkevych wrote on "Freedom", heard in one of the gears nedavneshnih complaint that hard to buy a high-quality receiver with shortwave spectrum. Nikolai fiction a unique method for solving this problem. In his letter to the "freedom" he writes:
"Three months back, faced with such a problem, I did so: in a local newspaper, using free coupons, put an ad that would like to purchase such a receiver. I was offered a lot of these useless for their old stuff. In the end, I had acquired over 20 thousand rubles receiver "Ocean-209" and 5 thousand — "WEF-202" in excellent condition. You see, Cheap …
Now with regard to admission. Quality is always worse in the winter than in summer. There are days when listening very hard. This is dependent on the state of the atmosphere and the sun. Can greatly assist high quality antenna. I saw that his receiver antenna, normally enough for high-quality sound. Need to wire length of 15-20 meters to extend the antenna rastsyagnuvshy its roof, ceiling and balcony. In Borisov I do not have such an antenna virtually no problems at any time of. But you must know that, although occasionally, but is full "radyetsishynya" at all stations and spectra. And here is nothing you can do
. "
Thanks to you, Nikolai Ivanovich, for a fascinating clue. Pinning hopes many of our listeners who have faced the same challenges, use your method and can once again listen to Radio Liberty.
About fun events and phenomena of life surrounding villages continued to report in letters to the "Freedom" our friend Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi. Now his letter — on winter fishing. A listener writes:
"This winter Charstsvyatskim lake — one of the larger lakes in the midst of two hundred fifty Usha district undertook good pike zherlitsy. The largest fish caught was weighing about 14 kg.
But, in my opinion, it’s not a pike became the champion.
…Horn lives in the village, on the shore of Lake Charstsvyatskaga grandmother Nadia. Adult age she strolls with a stick. But that does not stop her grandmother to be specific anglers. She catches pike on zherlitsy. However, zherlitsy usually puts her daughter Luba and Nadya grandmother walks to inspect them — changing baits, corrects, if something goes wrong. This winter, my grandmother took Nadia pike on 10 kg. Pull took and climb to carry, could not. And dragged him across the ice home. Are there many women can boast such Belarusians successes of?
I should add that these two ladies — not only in the midst of anglers "feeble" floor counties Charstsvyatskaga lake and the area in general. And again, Rog village that Charstsvyatskim lake — not the only village of the title on Ushachchine
. "
Indeed, grandmother fishermen — not a very common occurrence for the Belarusian village. Earlier this number only a male occupation. True, the village previously looked different. There were people on the ground work, and fi
sh to fish. A grandmother could sit on the bench or spin flax.
And now those grandmothers try living on his small pension kolkhoz when kids and grandchildren fled to the city, and his grandfather long rest in the village cemetery.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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