When Poland was not such deception

Lithuania, comfortable, with narrow zigzag streets of the village, located near the town Polochany that under Maladziechna. Divides their small rivulet. But the inhabitants of Lithuania said that the former border between Lithuania and the old principality of Polotsk. After all, on the side of the river lies the town Polochany.
Misha Békés — railwayman. Him under 60 years. This smart and sporty man obsessed generous idea to publish a book about Polochany and Lithuania. Record all people aged memoirs, all legends. He is proud of his Hungarian name and knows their ancestry back to the fifth generation.
Reporter: "You are not connected story masterfully. What motivates Railroad to … "
Misha: "Why specifically Railroader? Then I was born. Here I live. Here I was baptized. Perhaps I will die here. And who he works with, not so important. History of his own people, his own family … great-grandfather sent from the Warsaw for 1863. expelled from Poland in the wasteland. "
Reporter: "His great-grandfather was the rebels in 1863?"
Misha: "Yes. Where he was buried, I do not know."
Reporter: "Lovely village, Lithuania. Borough She was not?"
Mike: "Oh, it was great. Much has no home."
Reporter: "It was not a borough?"
Misha: "No. The parish was in Polotsk."
In the districts of Lithuania Misha already gathered a small collection of historical artifacts.
Reporter: "And what’s that in your hand?"
Misha: "Kernel with malehankih gun camp. Yet, surely, since the 15th century. I found from the Lithuanian side. Maybe even fighters shot of Ivan the Terrible.’s Torn metal, the trunk, surely passed. Still there is one relic is. Allowed Free marching iconostasis. dragoon regiment We stood in ’16. First imperialist. They were given marching iconostasis. This third leaf, John the Baptist. smetstsi I found. "
While traveling in Russia I do not ever talk again with a very aged people. But Ivan Franzevich Stuzhinskaya — special survivor. Sharp eyes, strong voice. You’d never guess that the Emperor Ivan March 25 celebrate 101 years. In 1919, little boy, sire Stuzhinskaya was taken to train the Red Army, which was advancing on Warsaw. And after the defeat without the help of others returned home. Young cavalry waged war against the Germans and was a prisoner escaped from captivity to their homeland.

Reporter: "Do you remember the First World War?"
Ivan: "Why do not remember. Remember everything. I was seven years old. I started going to school. Light was not the same. Kerosene lamps were. We first in the 13th got the lamp. Kerosene. And here’s to us people gathered in our apartment. will gather 20 people from our village. will gather people read through all sorts of pamphlets, newspapers, not much was at the time. Bible, spiritual reading. And the descriptions were to be. And people will gather. One reads, and all heed. What will happen in the world. And everybody knew. That now done, all clean were read. "
Reporter: "Without the tele."
Ivan: "One after the other by the lapels were taken." You fool, you do not believe! "-" Can not be! "-" Are fiery car in the village! To speed razbivatstsa. "-" Can not be! "-" Will go with bags on all beggars! "And take up the breast." You fool. "-" You fool. "Now look, all went with bags from us. All bags come with. C bags. "
What did he mean? I did not really strain of an old man who beheld how the kerosene lamp from Belarus to the web. And remained with his bag.
Scion Ivan Frantsevich Romuald on background centennial father looks young. He won from Polochans church. Temple is located in the house, confiscated the family councils, repressed in 1939 to make here kolkhoz office.

Romuald: "There was an empty space. And then there was a collective farm office. Wrested from some man confiscated house. They took it home, put here and made the office."
Reporter: "Today the church is in the walls, where she lived repressed family …"
Romuald: "It was sent to the family. Do not know where this house brought. As he stepped outside architecture is not very. Succeeded But inside the acoustics are not bad. Lined up we did for one year. I can draw. Here and icon of St. Roch I drew. All of which are in the church, it’s all mine. "
Reporter: "You will be able to say about yourself that you are a happy person?"
Romuald: "Very happy. What God gave me such talent. I am very grateful to God for such a gift."

In the library I took a very unkind. Librarian, always so chatty on This time met me as an occupier. Reason — anecdotal. But she suggests that local children and hunt romance and mysticism. Schoolgirl from Lithuania wrote to the local newspaper note about the library and gave vent to imagination. Why librarian dislike anyone who writes. She gave me the room and ordered to read.
Reporter: "Suddenly something rustled on the shelf. Then book one separated from the others and hung in the air. Pages of its steel alone for yourself roll. The lady was horrified and threw Closure library and ran into the street. Whether this is true or someone fiction, I do not know. But still creepy. "What’s that?"
Librarian: "Nothing. I am here for more than 20 years has made. Neither book from the shelf not scuttled. People come, clutching his head." Hey, how are you sitting here in the library? "At the moment, no interviews. Why write such was ? I did not write and write a rebuttal will not. But I’m still with this newspaper going to Minsk. "
Reporter: "Why are you offended?"
Librarian: "Look, I call on all areas. From Vileika call from Borisov call, call of Volozhin." What have you done in the library? "Tear me from work. People do not give their passage, palachanskiya."
Reporter: "In short, the girl blew informational bomb."
Librarian: "Telephone burned."
80-year-old Eugene Chaplinskaya — Hereditary teacher, an old Belarusian is intellectual temper. Grayish splendid old with a young voice and wise eyes. She learned a generation of kids from Lithuania and circles. And at first tried to instill in them a sense of Belarusian.

Eugene: "How was malehankih, my father taught. This small, I was not in school walked." Since the dawn we slept and woke us up. Said that we need to live. "But my father died, I was 10 years old and was not."
Reporter: "This is the year it for you poems are saying?"
Eugene: "In the thirtieth. Belarusian He was conscious."
Reporter: "And where was taken consciousness?"
Eugene: "Maybe because man was developed. Genes Belarusian revived. He was a teacher of Russian. "
Reporter: "In your opinion, 39 years — for Belarus is was good or evil? "
Eugene: "Excellent what are related. Our youth expect slightly Bolsheviks. Mama threatened. Even kids left a note on the table," With fire flies! "After Mrs. same! Mrs. navchytselka. Necessary to destroy. Beheld as they came, the poor. Cavalry . Such terrible horses and soldiers so badly dressed. It seemed to me that they are in a blouse. Belarusians Our wore caftans sharachkovyya.
After the Polish army. initially were, allegedly, rad people. And then began to be disappointed. Elections were first. in local advice. People have seen injustice. ponapisyval on these bulletins on "Hex zhye Polska!"
Reporter: "Protest".
Eugene: "And who could not write, dashing. Commission was, some old. As there was manufactured? Ninety-nine and nine 10’s. When Poland was not such deception. It was very unpleasant. "
Since then, the Belarusian elections changed slightly. Except instead of "Hex zhye Polska" can write "Long Live Belarus". That, in general, also result.

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