Why so Lukashenko praises Obama?

"If America is interested in developing relations with us without building any additional barriers and training criteria, we are serious in this regard will advance, and the Americans will be satisfied with the cooperation with Belarus," — said Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with "The Wall Street Journal". How far can go improve Belarus-US relations, and what specific obstacles are on the way? Lukashenko arrives so why not a few compliments Obama? These questions are answered analyst Igor Lyalkov.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov"Belarusian-American affairs obviously have certain barriers. They can improve, but at the current Belarusian government relations between Belarus and the United States may not be such as between the U.S. and, for example, France or Poland. What these barriers, and where the boundary in improving relations between Minsk and Washington? "

Igor LyalkovLyalkov"The question is, first, about the political regime in Belarus, a country that is not recognized in the democratic sense. Very authoritarian political regime, and working with him to the United States may not be in such extent that it can be with democratic countries "
Tsigankov"In an interview with" The Wall Street Journal »Alexander Lukashenko said:" Belarus and the United States should return to the step and quality in relationships that were before the crisis, and begin to engage in dialogue. " How real is this "mini-challenge" — to return to the level of relations, which was three years around? "
Lyalkov"This task is just completely real, and then to a large extent on the ball side of the Belarusian side. Indeed, one of the requirements of the West — the release of political prisoners, allegedly, been fulfilled.

To return to the pre-crisis situation in the state of any form of political persecution should abyss.

But the situation when under arrest Alexander Barazenka, suggests that political persecution in Belarus has not gone. To return to the pre-crisis situation in the state of any form of political persecution should abyss.
Another very fundamental question — is the freedom of the media. Fully capable of Belarusian regime even now take certain steps towards greater media freedom. At least, the printing of non-state media terrain Belaurusi and distributing them through the "Belsayuzdruk" — these are not issues that can significantly somehow shake mode. Because such concessions from a pragmatic point of view completely really go. If such steps are made, it will be seen in the U.S., and the situation can return completely to the level of 2-3-year-old. "
Tsigankov"Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview also published a number of compliments in the address elected U.S. President Barack Obama. "This is a new, young, educated man, a high-spirited and energetic person who will be able to more realistic look at the world of reality," — said Lukashenko. Neuzh that the Belarusian leader hopes that the U.S. policy towards Belarus can significantly changed, or is simply a courtesy diplomatically? "
Lyalkov"This is, in principle, ordinary style of behavior Lukashenko. Each new favorite for a major country of Belarus immediately gets a huge portion of it compliments. Indeed Belarusian president is aware that the political situation in Belarus and the financial situation in the country may depend on the position of the United States. Because I think he believes it is better to praise than nedahvalits. And then have to be a reaction to some specific steps the U.S. and rhetoric Lukashenko in the address Obama may have to share. "

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