With Hoerki academy expelled student activist I. Pazharynskaga

Student disagrees with the deduction and associates own public activity. Its right study at the Academy, he is going to defend through the tribunal.

Me "inundated" complex issues. Asked questions for 40 minutes.

Igor Pazharynski says that his own views in the academy did not hide. He was a correspondent for the independent newspaper "The Mount", edited the student newspaper "campus" also collected signatures against the construction of students in Gorki near a nuclear power plant.
Teachers warned students that if he does not finish his own public activity, he was expelled from the academy.
Igor himself Pazharynski assess their own level of knowledge as average. Sessions though he does not perfectly, but handed.
But last Wednesday for an exam session the commission was set up, that I did not give him, says Igor Pazharynski:
"Me" inundated "complex issues. Asked Questions 40 minutes. I answered as best I could. I uttered that everything, no business will be. Commission I say — let me pass again, I know this subject. Them all I- is assured, they have allowed me to Friday again come and pass. I’m coming on Friday in the dean’s office and the secretary says to me: you are already certified. "
While student Pazharynskaga not acquainted with the order of dismissal. Now he has attended classes

Order has already come out of the academy through underachievement. He spent 10 months can return their rights

Correspondent of "Freedom" the dean said that the order was signed. The student did not pass the exams and generally not noted bolshennymi knowledge. Expulsion from the Academy Pazharynskaga not related to his public activities, assured the dean:
"We have a learning process, everything else we are not interested. "
Had the opportunity to student to retake the exam? Ekzametsionnye same commission gave him such a chance:
"It is true, it can and should pass, that brought him back, but we had already excluded. Order has already come out of the academy through underachievement. He for 10 months can their rights return, "- said the dean.
Igor Pazharynski will defend their right to be taught in the academy, if necessary, and then through the tribunal. The solution of the dean’s office said the boy parents will support those offspring.
Tomorrow coalition activists Hoerki Democratic Forces plan to spend on the ground Academy share protest Igor Pazharynskaga deductions.

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