A.Makaev: This is a continuation of execution of youth

Kirov Street, where the tribunal were three buses with special forces. Policemen patrolled the street, on duty at the entrance to the courthouse, but all those who wished to process missed. Several youth activists stood in the court yard.
When the process has already begun, unknown stuck on the roof of the 1st buildings banner "No to repression!" Within minutes the police it was removed, and the yard was on duty commando.
One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Makaeu Alexander said nowshny process — a continuation of the execution of youth:
"The root cause of why this meeting has taken place, no one is going to investigate. Rally was held because entrepreneurs used its right to peaceful assembly. The businessmen were all moral and legal reasons to go to the meeting and arrange their own protest. And the fact that young people supported, very many thanks to these young people. This is the future of our civilization. Visible political order to condemn the youth. "
Makaeu recalled that protesters January 10 protest against the presidential decree number 760, which is contrary to the Constitution.
Siuchyk politician says that he came to the court to support young people who are judged by the political case:
"I listened to the testimony of eyewitnesses. Nothing on Dashuk, Subochev, Vinogradov has not sounded. Referee tries to squeeze something. He even considered truancy Dashuk school. Very much for their anxiety, because sorry youth, which such makarom again try to sue. In order to scare everyone, and judge these 3 ".
Vladimir Romanovsky said:
"Today I was able to follow that certain witnesses were very reserved, realizing, apparently, that they just become participants execution authority over young people, who aspire to democracy. "
Anton Koipish as nine other defendants in the "case of 14" condemned already. His fined. Anton says he is innocent and is currently appealing the verdict. It is associated with the current tribunal previous:
"The Tribunal is quite very different. I think, some work on the mistakes made organizers of this court. For example, presently Director interviewed GUM CUM and so on. But the civilian, which poll, most quickly commiserate us. "
Midst of observers at the trial — the Czech Embassy Counsellor Gerzhman Chrome.
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