Acquired lethargy: what to do?

Lack of immunity against stress

The first time you purchased lethargy syndrome was described in 1984 by Australian Lloyd. Essence syndrome psychologist referred acquired weakness, which does not disappear even after a long stay. Over time, this leads to a significant reduction in health: mental and physical.
BACKGROUND disease is not yet well known. There are studies that have found a link between the syndrome and a viral infection or flu. This confirms the nature of the immune syndrome. But before that, in the opinion of professionals, difficulties begin with the lack of sense of immunity. Under greater risk of fall careerists and workaholics.

Either a person has a certain super-idea — to achieve a great career, and because he works

Reducing welfare, rising prices forced some people to work in a few places, and from time to time and to forget the weekend. And in the end, says psychologist Jeanne Miscavige, such stressful pace of life becomes the norm for humans:
"Pursuit of the work — it first man hides his prepyadstviya there. The family is not very good — then he was very much works. Either a person has a certain super-idea — to achieve a great career, and because he works very hard. This is the very thing that we are talking Depending on the job, depending on the computer … This is a pathological phenomenon. Lethargy is still going and the fact that many people put in front of him very highest bracket. Their needs, values are very up and they run after them. "
Disease — is. Bulletin — no
In most cases, a person suffering from a syndrome of acquired laxity refers to doctors with complaints of physical torture, knows neurologist Vasily Avramenko Mogilev:

Avramenko: "The man himself complains in most cases pain headaches, drowsiness, insomnia, or vice versa. Symptoms can be very, very many. In our country until the diagnosis has not got such widespread as in the West. Not all doctors put it."
Reporter: "That is, the newsletter will be hard to get"?
Avramenko: "Faster unreal. Indeed, the disease does not go on the list, on which newsletter may be discharged."
To psyhaterapevtav unhealthy treat lethargy also perfectly with other complaints. Voice Jeanne Miscavige:
"Syndrome of acquired with the problem of lethargy to us do not apply. However, it pops up in connection with other neuvvyazkami. For example, when they come with the problem of the collapse in home life. Said about this:" I’m so tired, it’s hard, I can not do anything I’m in a hurry and do not have time, "and so on."
Approximately as outlined his problem of Natalia, a top manager of one of the marketing agencies Minsk:
"I have a feeling this is manifested in the complete indifference. Wanted a quick home on the couch under a blanket and turn on the telly — insignificant though there show — and sleep. But" sleep "I totally did not help — because I woke up in the morning so sluggish, as if freight cars all night. "
Be kinder: first — to discover
How to fight the syndrome of acquired lethargy? Understand within yourself and make love for yourself — the norm, says Jeanne Miscavige:
"First is to be an analysis of his life and at the same logaterapiya — there is such a section in psychology. Correctly look at your life, what is now and what will happen tomorrow. And based on beliefs of his life to look at his goal: to review and knit accents, noting that for you the way. Especially to show love for yourself. "

As with any disease, a syndrome of acquired lethargy prevention is better than cure

As with any disease, a syndrome of acquired lethargy easier to prevent than to cure. Residents of large cities spetsy highly recommend making visits to nature rules. Despite the pace of life, try to eat healthy food, because many E supplements, flavor enhancers and other chemicals capable of pressing the nervous system.
Very fundamentally move possible more — and it’s running, and walking, and hiking to the disco. And be sure to look for the time necessary for spiritual discussions: with children, parents, relatives and friends. Keep feelings inside — safe ..

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