Again fined activist Sergei Obrozovsky

Sergei Obrazovsky disagrees with the verdict. He says that in the Saturday, March 29 was at a football match, which was held at the stadium in Svislochi. Fans had a lot of, discussions between them and the police thought the meeting. Sergei Obrazovskogo accused of organizing an unsanctioned meeting at the stadium.
"I read them in the eye:" What are you doing wrong, then you must make the law that is. You do not eligible break it yourself. Do not do evil to others. But they do it! "
Sergei Obrazovskogo 2nd time punishable by a fine. During a rally on March 22 of a charge of 1 million 400 thousand rubles. Activist believes that intimidation. He says he will not finish the fight against the authorities’ intention to build a chemical plant in the village of everybody, where currently live with immigrants from areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster:
"That’s construction — environmental and financial sabotage. Around Minsk TPP-5 can build several companies. Using a cheap energy, they would have produced a lot of suitable products in Belarus."
Let me remind you that the Russian factory building against harmful creation already held five meetings and gatherings. Requirements of local population settlements Kopeynoe, Drichin, white, Dukora, towns Rudensk, and everybody Svislach were oriented in the power structure. On the results of correspondence from interested public activist Lena Butkovskaya:
"With the Council of Ministers reply to this day was not. Not until Minsk regional executive committee meets. Silent and PUKHOVICHY executive committee that we sent on April 14."
According to Lena Butkovskaya, May 16 in Minsk was taken to appeal to President Lukashenko. Signatures on the text of the appeal put 5705 people. And, according to the source, the pressure on signatories grows stronger at the moment:
"People are intimidated. Detach Prize. Bullied dismissal, termination of contracts. On present day of local CHP-5 on orders sent about 80 people in Vurnary. They have to bring great memories of this plant. To all the same chemical plant here to build this. "
"August" — Private Russian company. Office is located in Moscow. Creation — in the village Vurnary in Chuvashia. In 1960 there was carried dust (DDT) for all Russian Union. Currently Russian side claims that the plant in Belarus will performed 18 kinds of pesticides — chemical means to destroy weeds and pests in the fields.
Sergei Obrazovskomu — 49 years. He graduated from the Minsk Polytechnic, and after — the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute. He worked in factories in Pukhovichi region and Minsk. Married, has two sons-uh. First secretary of the Minsk regional organization of the Party of Communists Belarusian. Also leads the activities of the group, which opposes settlement construction in the area everybody Pukhavichy chemical plant personal company "Bel-August."

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