Ales Ostrovsky Such opposition will not be able to seize power in tsyapertsav

Alexander Ulitenok"Who is currently sets the direction of socio-political processes in the country?"
Ales Ostrovsky"Unfortunately, this primitive beznatsionalnye, one might even say — zhlobskaya bureaucracy. Who lives on the "here and now", not think about the future, and because of its representatives call "tsyapertsami." Policy they pursue is very bad, because separate from the Belarusian society, take the Belarusian people only as an object of self-exposure.
Over 14 years of bureaucratic domination tsyaperskay power we are used to the state’s ability to blackmail destruction of statehood. We have already observed almost genocide, if you calculate that in the year people dying on 50 thousand. We ethnocide — destroyed by language, culture, historical memory, signs, observed discrimination Belarusians — wherever possible, especially at work. Destroyed Belarusian democracy as a political system that was supposed to ensure democracy. "
Ulitenok"Well, what you have seen opposition to such a regime?"
Ostrovsky"United Opposition actually collected mechanically. Ideologically, it is completely mixed bunch. Besides rich people morbidly principled, many of which are the dominant currency enthusiasm and because there are only.
Naturally, it is impregnated agents regime. "
Ulitenok"And if she has another plan for reform, has a plan for transformation of the country?"
Ostrovsky"Integrity of the united applets not. Opposition remains object — hopes that someone will manage it in the appropriate directions.
The opposition is not our government. It is easy to find on its response to a very iconic, painful issues. For example, refrained the European Humanitarian University in Vilnius opened with Russian language of instruction — what is it all the same! Or, say, no one mentions such a terrible situation as ethnocide Belarusians Bialystok … No such processes do not motivate opposition specific processes pass it. "
Ulitenok"And what of it?"
Ostrovsky "If the opposition is in such a condition, it will never be a candidate regime and will never be able to seize power in" tsyapertsav. "

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