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In the Central district court of Minsk last of a group of young people who took part in a meeting of businessmen on January 10. As they say prosecutors, due to protest a number of companies and shops have suffered real losses. Comments listeners:
Lady: "That" Sweet Tooth "is not enough candy sold and incriminating in this opposition. And it would be better" Kommunarka "revised range. For example," reddish cap "from" Aeroflotskaya "no longer be distinguished. Well chocolate Minsk last taste . "
Victor Butoh: "I really do not like it when characters who are protesting, called violators of public order, or when people from leading a political hunger strike, mock and scoff various nonhumans. Minsk and across the country Belarus lacks justice and fairness for at least some decent of man. "
Next listener asks:
"I wish to ask a question personally Milinkievich. Imagine that the next presidential election you elected president. Naturally, the opposition should take all the major positions in the state. But the government is not without opposition. Appears newcomer newcomer opposition to the regime. And I like this new favorite opposition, want to know if I can spend with a brand new mode different marches, demonstrations, rallies anywhere I please? Will I be able to speak freely at any time of through television, through radio criticism toward modern government, if I freely publish prints where I criticize your work and your government? (…) Will all this be allowed if the same limitations as at the moment? "
Responsible Alexander Milinkevich:
"Follow-power mode will not. It will not be like-minded absolute power, we will not force people to teach ideology and adore 1 person in the state. Without opposition begins destruction at least some power. Certainly there is freedom of speech. Will be issued to the newspaper, and they will not close for ideological requirements or loyalty. These papers will be responsible before the law, and not the authorities. Demonstrations will be allowed, and people will not drive on Bangalore. They will be held in the center of town, but will certainly be peaceful. Current opposition democratic forces all of their shares performed entirely peaceful. It’s the police violate the law when people peel. We — for evolution. But if the government does not hold elections, then by all means, more and more people will take to the streets. "
On Sunday, the congress will be held in Minsk Joint civilian party. The organizers claim that they hold an informal part of the street, because the authorities have not given permission to rent the premises. Expression this topic, also to raise rents to political parties and public organizations — the next call:
Man: "I’m a civilian member of the United Party in 1998. But never was such, that we were not given space in Belarus. As it is still done for autocracy? Lord, when it’s all over? Neuzh something God does not punish Lukashenko ? Lord, help Belarus to get out of this crisis, to which he brought the country! "
Nikolai Ivanovich, partial Belarusian: "Power to raise the rent for the premises for public organizations 10 times. This increase applies to the Belarusian Language Society, which protects whiteRussian language, that has the status of municipality. It turns out that the municipal government against its own language and organization that it protects. Nightmare and shame! "
Next another question:
Man: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty, I have two questions. First question. Why, how to make cold, heating switched off, it is impossible to live? And yet, the most important question. Why Lukashenko decided to lower the amount of pension? 20-30 thousand pension became shorter. What such occasion was at Lukashenka? Thank you for your attention. "
Responsible economist Mike Zaleski:
"About people and nobody thinks is going to think. This system not the people build their target. It sees its goal in 2-things: Cancel life superiors and performing procedures. Procedure there: three plus eight a day or average daily temperature — disable heating. And then — at least minus 40. And so once a year. And about pensions — what’s the Lukashenko? Neuzh you think he thinks about any old people? "
Continue aaplet SMS correspondence from the listener Vyacheslav "Thank you very much," Liberty Travel "for a trip to the village of Gorkha."
And at the end — an expression of the listener Kurapaty:

"Not forgotten vandalism.
In Kurapaty Stalinists built communism.
More dregs remain, building vandalism.
Shoot, crush crosses —
Izymatelstva 1st cut.
Oddly states
This echo of the system.
Vandalism is not subject.
Listener whose uncle
In Kurapaty lies. "

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