Chernobyl rally — the terrain the mad house?

One of the committee members "Chernobyl Way" chairman registered in Ukraine "Union Chernobyl-Belarus" Alexander Volchanin informs about preparing for shares in the regions:
"At Vitebsk and Mozyr will gather participants of liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster. They did not arrive in Minsk. But they arrange their meeting place. So we have our own work. We do it, and I believe that it will bring success. "

Monument to victims of the Chernobyl disaster. In the background, body Mogilev psychiatric clinicIn Mogilev City Council is not allowed to spend the anniversary of the April 26 tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant other activities. Applicants were told that an official meeting held in Lubusz wooded park on the ground of the former clinic Radiation Medicine, where still stands a monument to victims of the Chernobyl tragedy. At the moment here — Psychiatric Clinic.
What the monument stands on the ground mad house and there is proposed to conduct mourning meetings, causing protests in Mogilev. But here is what is responsible vice-chairman City Council Fedor Mikheenko:
"And you wish that all the monuments in the center taken. Meaning in what? In the center of town monuments set everything right? Tomorrow come Babes war, yet who, Afghans there and utter — and a monument in the center of our sets."
Rally and march forbade the public on the grounds that the applicants have not entered into contracts with medical services, police and community services that provide Tipo public events. Says one of the applicants, trade union activist Yuri Novikov:
"According to the law" On mass events Republic of Belarus , "The statement should only include a written commitment of the organization and holding of mass events, which we did. We are not against the conclusion of these agreements as indicated in the application. Once again, we are required to apply to the court with a complaint against the decision City Council."
Local authorities also not given permission for public events April 26 Brest, Pinsk, Belaaziorsk, Soligorsk Rechitza, Zhodino. Prerequisites are the same as in Mogilev. Outlook Belarusian politician Viktor Kornienko:
"People pay taxes, and therefore the police should protect not only prazdnichkom that satisfies the administration, and all other activities.’s What she and the police. And today’s demands — it’s business from power. Certainly behind this desire to end all public activity . Bureaucrats afraid they hunt 1st: that nothing has happened in the region. In case it is calmer. "
Facilitator: a worldview Deputy Managing movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko. According to the source, Chernobyl shares in the regions will be marked disagreement with the construction of nuclear power plants. Participants of the rally will also feature for ensuring the appropriate criterion for the protection of labor and return benefits to victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

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