Chernobyl Way No arrests

Drumbeat and shouts "No — Nuclear power plant!" Youth activists from various movements and organizations received from the Academy of Independence Avenue and the street to the chapel Surganova victims of the Chernobyl disaster. A few young people in the civilian police confiscated European symbols and flags.
According to observers, police and journalists in the march "Chernobyl Way" was attended by a little more than 3 thousand people. According to the official Minsk police disk imaging in Charnobyl Way took the role of around 750 people. As told mainly management Interior Mengaryvykankamu, during movement of the column number of demonstrators reached the approximately 750 people: about 450 people were at the Academy, and 300 adjacent to the church on the corner Karastayanava and Orel.
At the crossroads of Surganova Kolas youth activists who walked ahead of the column, left the roadway. But litsezrev that interfere with public transport, they decided to go on the sidewalks.
The police did not use force. But during the march did not work without incident. Police and security officers, who, by the way were dressed in civilian clothes and had on European symbols, delayed youth activists in the yard adjacent to the street Surhanau and taken away from their bandanas, caps and flags with European symbols.
Representatives of youth organizations believe that thanks to this in a subsequent action against policemen will be more symbolism, which will enable them to be no different from others in the column of demonstrators.
Voice Yury Karetnikau, favorite unregistered organization "Union law":
"Despite the fact that many people weight hung in the European symbols and had to head cap movement "For Freedom", and on his chest were wearing their badges BCD their could immediately calculate the appropriate sneakers for that, for sure, they are purchased in bulk and distributed. "
Marchers used a lot of symbolism — the dark balls sign with a picture of "radiation", stretching against the construction of nuclear power plants, bandanas and caps blue "For Freedom", white-red-white flags and ribbons, etc.
Policemen in civil comped anarchists who moved throughout the march to the drumbeat. Anarchists joined the rally at the chapel. One of them, who identified himself Denis, explained to RFE their position:
"We will not participate in this meeting, which authorized the government. We anarchists do not support the government. We expressed our position and are not going to participate in this performance."
Several 10’s of anarchists went on a public transport stop in the street Orel, where were surrounded by riot police. They sat in small groups in a minibus and buses. Several people were removed from the police car and taken away from their poles to flags (which is wood, sawn in half cuttings spades).
Drove up to the station wagons and police buses, but no one did not hold up.
Representatives of the "Young Front" said "Freedom" that if and participated in the march, how ordinary citizens, not as activists "Young Front".
So makarom, action "Chernobyl Way" ended by laying flowers at the chapel Chernobyl disaster victims on the street Karastayanava. Tags: path, Chernobyl, anarchists

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