Chrysanthemum-C — anti-flower

Chrysanthemum-C - anti-flower
Maybe people who have time to talk with the military of armored troops, heard an unusual catch phrase: «To the broken enemy tanks overgrown chrysanthemum.» Yes, uninitiated person difficult to understand why the enemy tanks have broken porasti specifically chrysanthemum. In fact, everything is pretty easy, but appreciate the irony jokes can only ones who know what is real «Chrysanthemum», of which the proverb says.

First «Chrysanthemum-C» was developed in the midst of the 80s. Engaged in the development Kolomna Design Bureau. General Designer, Project Manager — SP Undefeated. Well, maybe it gives some magic, but managed to make the spice really invincible weapon, which could not compare anything from the fact that the population of the earth was created at that time. July 1996 is fully justified. After all, that’s when the general public has been demonstrated «Chrysanthemum-C.» Under moderate floral title hid really harsh weapon — a multipurpose missile system capable of hitting the target at any time of a day or at least some, and weather.

No, even the most modern tank armor could not withstand the terrible shock strength of rockets «Chrysanthemum-C.» Is no exception and tanks with reactive armor, which had previously demonstrated good results in tests. Obviously, the purpose of the missile system could become not only tanks, ranging from light and high-speed finishing and languid, equipped with heavy armor. Also, «Chrysanthemum-S» can destroy low-flying air targets and low-tonnage surface. Any concrete structures, in which the enemy fighters were hiding, were also very vulnerable to the destructive power of this weapon.

Basis of «Chrysanthemum-S» is an infantry fighting vehicle having engine capacity of 500 horsepower. Because of this missile system can simply move at a speed of 45 km per hour on complex terrain. On the track, she just has a top speed of 70 km per hour. With all this in store decent fuel allows it to overcome without refueling to 600 km! It is also important that go from traveling state to combat «Chrysanthemum-S» can be surprisingly fast. As military joke, blooms «Chrysanthemum» in 20 seconds.

Two rockets constantly ready to fight. And they can be run at once, which is hitting different targets at different distances. This makes the missile especially popular.

Extraordinary power rockets allows them to penetrate any armor available. A direct collision at an angle of 90 degrees, it can penetrate armor veiled whole dynamic protection. Because no matter what the current armor is completely defenseless against this terrible weapon. Well, S.P.Nepobedimy and his team did an unlimited number of combat vehicles, 20 of which eight were accepted for service. But still the best of his creation Sergei Pavlovich Undefeated specifically considers «Chrysanthemum-C.»

Well, it is totally justified. Not even mind-boggling penetrative power is the main advantage of this missile system. The most fascinating is the fact that the «Chrysanthemum-C» is able to kill the target regardless of whether it behold the operators or not. At the same principal, which prevents Review — mist, fog, snow or a more severe obstacles.

Embody a dream of all allowed designers to create a unique radar system. Locator an invisible man radiobeam acting in the millimeter range. And when the beam finds the target and the missile starts — the unfortunate target has no chance. Issue smokescreen, maneuverability, speed, or the attempt to escape — nothing will allow it to survive. Naturally, the radio beam guidance is conducted without the participation of the operator — the person simply can not so true to coordinate movement of the rocket.

No similar system to the 1st of another standard equipment in the world. Only some Apache helicopters are equipped with a radar system operating in trehmillimetrovom spectrum.

Specialists say that quite likely only 3 pieces of weapons «Chrysanthemum-C» to keep a large force of the enemy on a solid race. Starting a fight, they can disrupt the entire company of tanks coming. For a few seconds will be destroyed about half of companies. And all this will happen earlier than the opponent has time to do a proper opamyatovatsya and act!

«Chrysanthemum-S» is able to conduct a successful fire at a distance of 400 meters to 6 km. So there is a severe arguments that specifically it will delay the leading position in its class in for another couple of years, just not with worthy opponents.

Top TTX LAW 9k123 «Chrysanthemum-S»

Most range 9M123 ATGM launch: 5000 m
Most range launch ATGM 9M123-2: 6000 m
Short range launch: 400 m
Weight of the rocket in TPK: 54 kg
Starting weight of missiles: 46 kg
HEAT warhead weight: 8.0 kg
BB weight: 6.0 kg
The largest diameter of the rocket: 152 mm
Maximum length of the rocket: 2.04 m
The largest wingspan: 0.31 meters
Rocket engine: solid
The average velocity of the rocket sustainer: about 400 m / s
Most бронепробиваемостьтандемной HEAT warhead (NDZ for homogeneous armor at an angle of 900 meetings): 1250 mm
Ammunition Ammo for PU: 15 missiles
PU Crew: 2 persons
Wheelbase PU 9P157-2: BMP — 3
Combat weight: least 20 tons
Power diesel engine: 500 l. s. (660 hp.).
The highest speed on the highway: 70 km / h
The highest rate on a dirt road: 52 km / h
The highest rate of the water: 10km / h
In store down the highway: more than 600 km

Chrysanthemum-C - anti-flower

Chrysanthemum-C - anti-flower

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